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Troops & Service Units

Service Units provide networking and support for troops within a given region. Each Service Unit meets monthly and is run by a leadership team of volunteers who live within the geographic area for the unit.  All Troops within the Service Unit have access to the services provided including but not limited to monthly meetings, trainings, program offerings, product sale support, financial aid and more. 

Annual Paperwork MY2020

Annual Paperwork is AVAILABLE NOW!  Annual Paperwork is due to GSEWNI annually no later than July 31*. 

*Troops that have not submitted Financial Reports by September 30, 2019 could experience a disruption in access to their bank account.


Volunteer Position Description
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Service Unit Financial Report
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Troop Financial Report
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MY2020 Membership Incentives!

We want to Thank You again for an amazing year! 

We hope you're excited to get registered for the MY2020 Membership Year! To jump start early renewals we have some exciting incentives we'd like to share with you!

(My2020 Membership Year = 10/1/2019-9/30/2020)


Recruitment (Add-A-Member)

Add-A-Member is back! Girls can get a patch by sharing the love of Girl Scouting with their friends. Every Girl should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of Girl Scouting! You can help make this happen! Every Girl Scout who invites a new girl to join Girl Scouts is eligible to receive the “Add-A-Member” patch. The new Girl Scout will also receive the patch!

To earn the patch, referrals must meet these requirements:

  • The member being referred has never been a Girl Scout or has not been a Girl Scout for at least one membership year
  • Both girls must be registered with GSEWNI for MY2020 and participate with a Troop or as a Juliette
  • Only one referring girl for each new member
  • Renewing members who refer new members MUST have registered for MY2020 prior to 09/30/2019
  • New members can recruit new members at any point 4/1/2019-9/30/2020 for the MY2020 membership year

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    Service Unit Growth and Retention

    MY2020 Membership Year - Service Unit Growth & Retention Incentives

    Service Units have the opportunity to lead their own efforts in making growth and retention goals. To encourage our Service Units to accomplish these goals, GSEWNI is offering the following incentives. These incentives can be earned separately, altogether or in any combination. Every Service Unit is eligible to earn up to $175.00! The money that Service Units earn by reaching their goals can assist Service Units to provide a well-rounded Girl Scout experience locally for their girls and volunteers! 

    Service Unit Retention Incentive:

    Service Units that have girl retention of 65% or higher by December 31st will receive the following cash amounts deposited into the SU bank account for the corresponding retention rate achieved.  Service Units that reach 70% or higher will also be entered into a drawing. 

    65% Girl Retention=$25

    70% Girl Retention=$50 Plus entry into a drawing

    75% Girl Retention=$75 Plus entry into a drawing

    80% Girl Retention=$100 Plus entry into a drawing

    Service Unit Managers will be contacted with updated numbers.

    New Troop Support Incentive:

    Service Units will receive $25 per troop, for all New Daisy and Brownie troops that renew for the MY2021 Membership year:

    ·         Active Troop Status

    ·         Containing troop number 20XX

    ·         Renewed by July 31, 2020


    Would you like to advertise your Troop or Service Unit Event?

    Advertising events on our website is simple and easy to do! When considering using the Event Notification Request to advertise your event, please keep the following in mind:

    • Events must be open to all Girl Scouts Council Wide.
    • Events that charge any kind of registration fee, must have an approved Money Earning Activity Application on file.
    • All events must be submitted separately and individually. 
    • Before submitting an event, make sure you have reviewed all information in our Safety Resources page.
    • All events are subject to approval before appearing on the website.

    Membership and Marketing team members will provide guidance and support in using the right tools to promote your event.  Make sure you submit your custom flyer to Marketing through for approval at least one week before you plan to use your custom flyer. The Flyer Toolkit is available to help you make a great marketing piece! 

    Event Notification Request
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    Additional Forms

    Additional Insurance Form
    Bank Request & Financial Agreement
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    Certificate of Liability Insurance - Request
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    Disbanding Troop Notification
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    Emergency Procedures
    Money Earning Activity Application
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    Parent Permission Form
    Store Registry
    Troop Trip Notification
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