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When are Nominations Accepted?
Nominations are accepted ANY time throughout the year. There will be a special recognitions ceremony this year honoring our volunteers.


Who is Allowed to Submit a Nomination?
You can nominate deserving adults if you are a volunteer, parent, staff member, board member, and/or community member. Who do you know that deserves a nomination? Email us your nominations!




Innovation Award
Recognizes an individual who, through creativity and resourcefullness, is instrumental in planning or helping with recruitment and substantially increasing Girl Scout membership in an under-served area. Download

Novice of the Year Award
Recognizes an exceptional leader or co-leader who, during her/his first or second year of leadership, has done an extraordinary job and gone above and beyond their responsibilities. Download

Team Member of the Year Award
Recognizes an outstanding Service Unit Team Member who has gone beyond the expectations of her/his position. Download

Spirit Award
Recognizes an individual who has motivated and inspired others through their positive attitude. Download

Community Award
Recognizes community groups or businesses that have supported at least two or more service units, or the council as a whole. Download

Daisy Award
Is given to a Girl Scout Ambassador in recognition of outstanding service to the community during her 12th grade year of high school. Two awards may be given each year and are presented at the Annual Meeting. Download

Angel in Green Award
Recognizes varied or unusual service, usually on a one time or short-term basis. Download

In the Shadows Award
Recognizes individuals who work in the shadows or background and make it possible for another person to volunteer with Girl Scouts or are “always there” when needed. The nominee can be a spouse, friend, or parent, who baby-sits on a regular basis, helps out at a meeting when needed, teaches the girls a new or special skill, or provides needed transportation. Download

Service Unit Annual Strength in Diversity Award
Is given to a Service Unit whose actions have measurably advanced diversity and inclusion within the council community. The Service Unit must have made pluralism (the practice of valuing human life in all its rich diversity) a priority by offering girls and volunteers the opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that welcome, appreciate, and respect differences. Download

Izzy Award
Recognitions with emphasis on the out-of-doors. The candidates will have served in a leadership role helping girls learn to love, and be comfortable in, the outdoors. The award was named for former Executive Director, Isabel Hawkins. Download

Expressing appreciation for extraordinary individuals is encouraged! It doesn’t take a lot of time to nominate a wonderful volunteer who is helping pave the pathway for girlsThere are 17 different awards that honor the efforts of the various people who extend themselves on behalf of Girl Scouts. Please take a moment to submit your nominations for Volunteer Recognitions here!

Please nominate a volunteer, troop leader, or parent that you know always goes “above and beyond” for girls and Girl Scouts. Download a Recognition Brochure.

National Recognitions

Volunteer of Excellence Award
The Volunteer of Excellence award recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the national program portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of the council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members.
• The candidate is an active, registered adult Girl Scout.

• The candidate has successfully completed a term of service and all requirements for the position.

• The candidate has performed beyond expectations for the position to deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls using the national program portfolio, or

• The candidate’s performance has been beyond the expectations of the position and has supported council’s mission-delivery goals in one or more of the follow­ing functional areas: Membership Development/Community Cultivation, Volun­teer Relations and Support, Program, Leadership and Governance, Fund Develop­ment, and Council Support Service (such as IT, Customer Service, Merchandising, MarComm).

• The candidate actively recognizes, understands, and practices the values of inclu­sive behavior.

Nomination: A nomination form is completed and submitted, along with supporting documenta­tion needed to indicate how the nominee meets the criteria. Based on the nominee’s position (council, regional, or local level), the service-delivery team or recognition committee reviews the nomination documentation, then approves or denies it. Download

Thanks Badge I
Is one of the highest awards an adult member can receive. It recognizes outstanding service benefitting the total council or entire movement. Download

Thanks Badge II
Is the highest award in Girl Scouting and recognizes outstanding service benefitting the total council or entire movement by a volunteer who has already received Thanks Badge I for prior service. Download

President's Award
Recognizes the efforts of a Service Unit in moving toward the council's goals and objectives. Download

Honor Pin
Is a prestigious award that can be designated to any volunteer. It recognizes outstanding service to two or more service units. The candidate must be a registered active member whose performance is beyond the expectation of the position held. Download