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Cookie Relief Fund

Challenging times call for creative solutions. The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting businesses hard--both businesses like yours and the cookie businesses that each of our Girl Scouts run. Because our cookie sale was set to begin at the time Stay Home orders were issued, and continued health restrictions have severely impacted our ability to hold cookie booth sales, troops stand to lose an average of over $775 in sales to be able to support their 2021 troop goals.

As our sale is coming to a close in July, and we have 30,000 boxes left to sell, our Council is appealing to all businesses to buy cases (12 boxes/$5 each) so we can fund troops for the next year, particularly those unable to sell because they remain in Phase 1 areas. Cookies can be purchased for your employees or donated to healthcare workers or American service members.  

Demonstrate your community spirit and your belief in our next generation of business leaders by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies today!