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Property Rentals

Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho properties are available for rent! Whether you love forest trails and lake Coeur d'Alene, or you’re looking for a meeting space, our properties have you covered! Most properties are available for rental during the off-season (non-summer camp months) to Girl Scout troops, our volunteers, and to the public! 


Rentals for Girl Scouts 
Troops and Service Units are welcome to rent our hostel, Program Center and Camp Four Echoes for Girl Scout programming (such as bridging ceremonies and troop camping).



Rentals for the Public 
Non-profit organizations, schools, businesses, churches, or other groups can rent our spacious Gymnasium and Camp Four Echoes for events or activities (such as weddings, family reunions, and staff retreats). 



For more information about renting our hostel or gym, contact John White or call 509-276-0307For information on renting Camp Four Echoes, contact Zane Steininger, 208-446-9542.