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June Intermediate 3D Printing- Browines & Juniors- Spokane

Thu Jun 08, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM PDT
Juniors, Brownies

Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts, come join us at the Spokane Program center's Imagination Room to learn how to create a real-life 3D print! This class is for girls who have attended 2 or more of our 3d printing classes! Girls will practice protoyping, brainstorming, and using the online software Tinkercad to design their creations. Each class will feature a specific project that we'll walk through together in order to continue practicing diverse Tinkercad tools, with free-design time at the end. Due to several factors, prints take several hours, so finished prints will be available later on in the week for pickup. Girls will leave with a 3D printing fun patch!