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Outdoor Adventure Passport

Outdoor Adventure Passport Events

Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho's Outdoor Adventure Passport is a new way for girls to experience high adventure activities through our organization. You can participate in these events as an individual or with your troop! There are also some great opportunities where your family members and non-Girl Scout friends can join you.

Outdoor Adventure Passports are $50 per year and allow each passport owner to participate in any qualifying outdoor council program event that takes place during the majority of the school year (October through May) for only $50 per event. That's right - no matter the actual price of the event, passport holders only pay $50 for each event (even if it's listed at $55, or $75, or $99, or even $107). Imagine the savings!

How do I know which events qualify? - you may ask. Easy! Any and all qualifying events will appear on the Events Calendar and begin with the title "Outdoor Adventure Passport." Watch the calendar as we continue to add events!

Keep in Mind:

  • Once you purchase your Outdoor Adventure Passport, you'll receive it in the mail (in addition to a fun patch) shortly after.
  • There is no age limit for the Outdoor Adventure Passport.
  • However, please know that some events have age requirements - so check that prior to registering for an event.
  • You must be a registered Girl Scout to participate in this program (either a girl or an adult)!
  • Most importanty, be sure to read the FAQ's before purchasing your passport.
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