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Virtual Visit the Washington State Capitol - Raise the Girl Voice!

Thu Mar 11, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Fri Feb 05, 10:06 AM - Fri Feb 26, 5:00 PM
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Council Event
Cadette, Senior and Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Our Girl Advocacy Day began in 2019 when this Council decided that civics was crucial for inspiring Girls to make our world and certainly communities a better place. 

This year we aimed to visit Olympia to celebrate our Girl Scouts.  In 2021, with the pandemic making travel not possible, we will host a virtual event at the Washington State capitol on Thursday, March 11th.  During that day we are focused on learning about our civic processes and inspiring our Girl Scouts to be confident and share their important Girl voice. 

Girl Scouts will  have the opportunity to meet with lawmakers and potentially members of the executive branch including the Secretary of State, Treasurer and Lieutenant Governor in various capitols.   This year we are also adding an educational component so Girl Scouts can learn more about the democratic process.

Behind the Scenes - Prior to Event

 Pre-Event Workshop to Prep the Girls!

All girl attendees are invited to a virtual pre-event workshop one week before the main event. All girls who register for Advocacy Day are automatically registered for the workshop and will receive information separately prior to the event. While this workshop is optional, it is highly recommended that girls attend to properly maximize their conversation with lawmakers. The workshop is Tuesday, 2 March at 6:30 pm.