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Outdoor Essentials - Advanced (Boating)

Sat May 22, 5:00 PM - Sun May 23, 5:00 PM
Mon Mar 01, 9:00 AM - Fri May 14, 5:00 PM
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Volunteer Training
Adult Fee:
Maximum Attendance:

This Training will give you advanced tools to have a safe, fun experience while also experiencing more of the rugged outdoors.  GSEWNI requires this training before leaders take their girls to primitive locations without running water or flush toilets. In addition, you will have the chance to practice your paddling skills on Liberty Lake. Before you can complete this training you will need to already have completed Outdoor Essentials Basic.

Held at Liberty Lake Regional Park Group Campground 

Please be sure and bring the completed Health and Emergency Medical Authorization Form to the event!

Packing List: