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First Aid/CPR (Post Falls)

Mon Apr 26, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tue Mar 16, 9:00 AM - Fri Apr 16, 5:00 PM
Program Type:
Volunteer Training
Ages 14+
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:
Maximum Attendance:

This First Aid/CPR course provides blended on-line and “in-person” training that meets the GSUSA requirements for First Aid/CPR training for leaders. At least one adult GS volunteer at each meeting and GS event must have First Aid/CPR training.

After registering, GSEWNI will provide you with a link to a series of First Aid/CPR videos from the American Safety & Health Institute. You must finish these on-line trainings before attending a in-person session where you will demonstrate skills learned from the videos to GSEWNI’s certified First Aid/CPR instructor. If you do not finish the on-line trainings, you may attend the in-person class, but you will not be issued a First Aid/CPR card, nor will you receive a refund for the class.

VFW Post 3603

1225 E 3rd Avenue

Post Falls, ID