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Camp Four Echoes - Grades 1-3 - Mermaid Friends

Sun Jun 20, 1:00 PM - Fri Jun 25, 1:00 PM
Sat Feb 27, 5:00 AM - Sun May 30, 8:00 PM
Program Type:
Resident Camp
For girls entering grades 1 - 3 fall 2021
Girl Fee:
$365 - $425
Maximum Attendance:

Create your very own mermaid friend during arts a crafts this week and help show her how much fun Camp Four Echoes can be! Show your mermaid friend your swimming skills, and maybe she will have some pointers so you can swim just like her. She might give you some pointers about swimming, but you can teach her how to cook over a campfire!

2021 Camp Four Echoes COVID Protocol

2021 Camp Family Guide