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NASCAR Behind Every Great Win—The Business Behind a Winning Team - Cadette

Wed Mar 10, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Tue Jan 26, 11:17 AM - Wed Mar 03, 4:00 PM
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Council Event
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The business behind NASCAR provides a great opportunity to explore how skills like budgeting, public speaking, and marketing combine to keep the sport and the race cars on track!  

NASCAR Hall of Fame will lead a live, virtual badge program where scouts will complete FOUR badges: Budgeting, Business Plan, Marketing and Public Speaking!  

During the workshop, scouts will explore each of the business units that support the sport, develop their own creative pitch and logos, and strategize on how to build a race car within a budget.  

Skills developed in this workshop can apply to cookie sales and scouts’ own business ideas!  

Pre-workshop work will be provided to each scout before the event, as well as a list of materials and supplies to gather before the live session.