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Shoot for the Stars- Council Wide Star Party!

Sat Aug 07, 7:30 PM - Sat Aug 07, 11:00 PM
Tue Jun 01, 8:00 AM - Sun Aug 01, 8:00 PM
Program Type:
Council Event
Daisy - Adult
Girl Fee:
Non-Member Astronomy Club $5.00
Adult Fee:
Non-Member Astronomy Club $5.00
Maximum Attendance:

Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of outer space in unparalleled crisp and colorful details?* Thanks to Unistellar and SETI Institute, Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho council now has a brand new eVscope (enhanced vision telescope) with which we can see the night sky like never before!
JOIN US FOR A COUNCIL-WIDE STAR PARTY, OPEN TO ALL AGES, FAMILIES, AND NON-MEMBERS! Come out to experience stargazing through our new telescope and various other high-powered telescopes, hear lessons from local astronomers and Girl Scout Astronomy Club Members, and participate in space activities while the sun is setting.

Fishtrap Recreation Area—
Fishtrap lake South Look Trailhead
Sprague, WA 99032