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Wednesdays in the Woods: HOOT Show with REI

Wed Aug 15, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Riverside State Park: Bowl & Pitcher
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Community Events
Spokane Area
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Do you know how strong an owl's talons are? How about how hawk vision stacks up against human vision? Well here is your chance to learn! The West Valley Outdoor Learning Center HOOT show is a chance to meet a live bird of prey and learn about their adaptations. During the presentation you will get a chance to learn about the sight, hearing, flight, beaks and talons, and digestive adaptations of these amazing birds. The mission of the West Valley Outdoor Learning Center is to educate and inspire adults and children to better understand the world around them through science and nature education. Our HOOT shows are designed to increase awareness of wildlife and instill an appreciation of the wonderful group of birds known as raptors. We will be at the Riverside State Park - Bowl & Pitcher Amphitheater (follow REI directional signs once you enter the park). Discover Pass is required for parking.

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