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Fall Product Program

This fall, Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho is offering troops and girls the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Fall Product Program through QSP/Ashdon Farms. Join our mascots Lucy and Dottie in this year’s theme, “Lead the Way!” More than a way to raise money, this program provides a valuable learning experience for girls to develop business and leadership skills and confidence that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your support of the girls, troops and council by purchasing or participating in the fall product program!

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Fall Product Program
For more than 100 years, Girl Scouting has been involved in developing girls to become our future business leaders.

Girl Scouts of USA allows councils to participate in up to two Product Sales per year. Our largest and most well known sale is, of course, our Cookie Program, which is held from February to April annually. Most councils use the Fall Product Program as a way to reinforce the financial literacy skills they learned during the Cookie Program but also as a way to start the year with a bit more funding for their troop through selling nuts, candy, and magazines to families, friends, colleagues and business associates.

Through participation in this program, girls learn the skills and resources needed to successfully accomplish their goals, learn business fundamentals, decision making, money management and business ethics. Troop profits help fund the events and activities that the girls participate in during the membership year−including exciting travel opportunities! Girls learn that their efforts can have BIG results!


It’s amazing what a magazine or a box of chocolates can accomplish!

Five Key Skills

The Fall Product Sale teaches Girl Scouts to grow into leaders in their own life, in business and in the world! This sale is a great way to add to the Girl Scout experience.  

In fact, being a Girl Scout helps girls thrive in five key ways.

As a Girl Scout, she:


Develops a strong sense of self


Displays positive values


Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks


Forms and maintains healthy relationships


Learns to identify and solve problems in her community

Important Dates

August 27:  Fall Sale Training - SU Sales Managers


October 5: Fall Sale Begins - Girls begin taking orders


October 21: Fall Sale Ends - Girls stop taking orders

November 7: Product arrives - Girls begin deliveries

November 26:  Sale Closes - All Money due to troops


Nut and Candy Products 

This year there are 16 delicious nut and candy selections to choose from! Items will be sold in from an arrange of prices starting at $6.00, $7.00, and $8.00. These products are extremely high quality and there are two items offered in decorative collectors tins! Enjoy! 

Organic Veggies 

Grow your own organic vegetables, guaranteed! Seeds are certified organic. All the plants are quick to sprout, easy to grow, and will produce their harvest early on compact plants. Sprout inside and plant the whole pot in the ground after a month or two and let the bountiful harvest begin!

Want more more informaiton about our Organic Veggies? Organic Veggies FAQ 

Troop Rewards

Girls earn proceeds for their troop for their product sales orders. Additionally, girls in troops that opt-in for rewards will receive credit toward their rewards for online orders! 

S'mores Club Patch

Back by popular demand: the S’mores club patch!  Participate in the Fall Sale AND increase cookie sale by 50 boxes over last year to earn the patch! 

Thanks for your support and participation in the Fall Product Sale Program!

Please contact our Product Sales Manager, Renee Smock, with questions. You can reach her at 509-747-8091, ext. 211 or