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Camp Four Echoes

Camp Four Echoes is nestled along Lake Coeur d'Alene in Worley, ID and is just 45 minutes from downtown Spokane, WA. Groups can rent the lodge, a campsite or the entire camp before and after our resident camp season, which runs June through mid-August. Click here to view pictures of our beautiful property at Camp Four Echoes! And, click here for a drone virtual tour of the camp surroundings!


The 11,500 sq. foot lodge was built in 2011 and offeres our guests a panoramic view overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene. The lodge features an expanded dining hall, staff kitchen, meeting place, bunk rooms (accomodating 22 overnight guests), laundry room and a full-size commercial kitchen, equipped with a gas range, convection oven, walk-in cooler, reach-in cooler, ice machine, dishwasher and stainless steel countertops. Dining and serving equipment available. Available year around.



Teepees | Sky Meadows | Capacity: 30
Our teepee unit, consists of five teepees that accommodate six campers each. No heat or electricity.


Treehouses | Smugglers Cove | Capacity: 28
Plexiglas skylights and a spiral staircase are unique features of our non-heated treehouses. Each treehouse can sleep six. This unit has 3 flushable toilets, water, a fire circle, a private beach and a covered kitchen shelter with a refrigerator and small propane stove. There is also a platform tent on site that sleeps an additional four people. 


Cabins | Singing Pines & Sherwood Forest | Capacity: 30 Per Campsite
In 1996, these were among the first cabins to be built, replacing the original platform tents we had in camp. Each campsite has 5 non-heated, enclosed cabins, a fire circle, a covered picnic shelter, flushable toilets and water. Singing Pines has a shower house with electricitiy. 



Chalets | Swagman | Capacity: 30
Did you know a swagman is an Australian laborer who carries all of his/her belongings in a bundle as they travel from place to place? This unit has 5 chalet style, non-heated cabins, a fire circle, a covered picnic shelter, flushable toilets and water. 


Gazebos | Sequoia | Capacity: 15
Sequoia has gazebo style, non-heated cabins, a fire circle, a covered picnic shelter, flushable toilets and water. 

22799 S Four Echoes Rd. 
Worley, ID 83876

Click Here for Directions to Camp                                                                     Click Here for the Camp Map                                                                      Click Here for Pictures of Camp and Click Here for a Drone Virtual Tour of Camp Surroundings!

Using Program Areas at Camp Four Echoes:
GSEWNI will not be responsible for providing staff or supervision for program areas. Use of any program area (i.e. waterfront) will be at the risk of the user group and its participants. The user group must obtain prior permission from the Building and Services Manager to use these areas. If persmission is granted, the user group leader will be given a copy of the program areas' Use Guidelines (see below) specific to that area. He/she is responsible for ensuring that all program area personnel, volunteer or paid, are given the document(s) and must be oriented to the regulations prior to providing any program supervision. The user group is responsible for providing instructions and a safety orientation to its group members prior to their participation in the activity. The user group is advised to follow all of the written procedures outlined in the Use Guidelines specific to the program area in use.

Waterfront Use Guidelines                                                                   Emergency Procedures                                                                             

Contact Lani Nachtsheim at or 509-276-0307.



For more information about renting Camp Four Echoes, contact Lani Nachtsheim at or 509-276-0307.