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Camp Four Echoes is our beautiful 212-acre, Windy Bay property occupying two miles of shoreline on Lake Coeur d'Alene. Our summer camp programs include: sailing, windsurfing, swimming, canoeing, arts & crafts, hiking, dramatics, archery, outdoor skills, STEM, and leadership courses. 

Six various camping units house 18-24 girls weekly. Each unit has flush toilets and running water, but no electricity. Meals are held in the 11,500 square foot lodge, which was built in 2011. 

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2020 Camp Sessions

June 21-26 CANCELLED
June 21-26 sessions have been cancelled.

June 28-July 2 CANCELLED
June 28-July 2 sessions have been cancelled.

Session 1: July 5-10

Session 1: July 5-10

Camp Peeps 1 |  Grades 1-3

Explore all Camp Four Echoes has to offer! Swim in the lake, play new games, sing silly camp songs, be creative with arts & crafts, and so much more! $365

Busy Bees 1 | Grades 1-3

Discover what the Buzz is about! Be as busy as a bee this week as you earn the Outdoor Art Creator Badge. Sing songs, dance, swim, explore, and roast s’mores. Bee-fore you hit the hay after a busy bee kind of day, wind down at your own slumber party! $290

On Target | Grades 4-5

Merida, Katniss and Neytiri are all fictional characters who are archery masters. Hone your own skills through practice and training. When you aren’t at the archery range, you will be enjoying all the other adventures camp has to offer. Be among the first to hit a bullseye and you’ll shoot a flaming arrow into Windy Bay at closing campfire! $365

Bullseye | Grades 6-8

You’ve tried it, liked it, and now you want to spend a lot more time at the archery range! Sharpen your skills like the tip of an arrow and increase your abilities as an archer. You’ll earn the Cadette Archery badge. This is year two of our new tradition at C4E: anyone who hits a bullseye gets to shoot a flaming arrow into Windy Bay at closing campfire! $365

Counselor-in-Training 1 | Grades 10-12 | July 5-17

The second step in camp and outdoor leadership is CIT I, where you'll focus on the skills necessary to work with children at camp. Learn the importance of working as a team and what positions are needed to successfully run a camp program. Visit another camp’s CIT program, shadow camp staff, and learn more about what to expect from campers. This is your opportunity to plan and implement an all-camp activity and spend time in another unit. $525

Counselor-in-Training 2 | Grades 10-12 | July 5-23

Part three of the Counselor-In-Training program allows you to learn the “ins and outs” of Camp Four Echoes as you dig deeper into leadership practices and the steps necessary to create a safe community for campers. Develop and teach a specialty while using Safety Standards and Activity Checkpoints. Put it all into action when you spend a week working side-by-side with camp staff. $550

Session 2: July 12-17

Session 2: July 12-17

Camp Peeps 2 | Grades 1-3

Camp people are the best kind of friends to make! Meet some new friends and do what camp peeps do: go swimming, hike the woods, cook out, sing, play games, and enjoy all your new friends. $365

Art on the Lake | Grades 4-5

Brush stroke by brush stroke, design and paint your masterpieces. Our resident artist will help you discover the Picasso within yourself, while experimenting with different paints, paper, canvas and scenery. Maybe this is how Van Gogh got started! $365

Camp Outside the Box | Grades 4-5

Everything this week is too big to fit in the box! You’ll build and play life-sized games, work as a team to complete quirky challenges and still have time to enjoy a few “regular” camp activities. This week will be larger-than-life! $365

Filming Frenzy | Grades 6-8

Filmmaking involves a number of stages; taking an initial story through screenwriting, shooting, editing and screening the finished product before an audience. Camp provides a variety of opportunities for budding filmmakers and with our resident experts, you’ll get a chance to create a short film. You’ll have the best audience as the rest of us get a private screening on the last day, so get ready to take a bow! $365

Session 3: July 19-23

Session 3: July 19-23

Busy Bees 2 | Grades 1-3

Discover what the buzz is about! Be as busy as a bee this week as you earn the Outdoor Art Creator Badge. Sing songs, dance, swim, explore, and roast s’mores. Wind down at your own slumber party bee-fore you hit the hay after a busy bee kind of day! $290

Camper Sampler | Grades 4-5

This is your chance to try a bit of everything at camp. Archery, boating, water balloon sling shots, swimming and hiking are just a few of the things to choose from. Make new friends while trying new things! $290

Whirlwind | Grades 6-8

This shorter, five-day session is for campers who are busy this summer, but don’t want to miss out on the fun. Swim, boat, have a cookout and choose activities in the arts & crafts room; do a little bit of everything! Your camp session may be short, but the memories will last forever. $290

Shipwrecked | Grades 7-10

Imagine your group has been shipwrecked on a deserted island in a place far, far away called Smuggler’s Cove. Some people might think that’s a bad thing, but really, what’s not to love? Just you and a group of friends hanging out in the woods and on the beach of this fantastic lake. There’s no schedule to worry about, no hustle and bustle. Just the sound of the wind and the birds in the trees. Of course, there’s plenty to do on this “island,” like canoeing, swimming, craft projects, and cooking out. It’s a great chance to hang out until your rescue. $290

Session 4: July 26-31

Session 4: July 26-31

Splashing Around | Grades 1-3

Are you a mermaid at heart? Do you enjoy spending your summer splashing around? Come to camp and splash all week long! Be inspired as you make crafts, cook out, sleep under the stars, and do all kinds of fun camp activities. $365

Jump in the Lake | Grades 4-5

Splash your way to the most fun you’ll have all summer! Compete in sunken canoe races, jump in for your lunch, play slippery watermelon, and create your own water games. You should totally try to sink a canoe and paddle around in it—that’s splasherific! $365

Camp Like You Mean it | Grades 6-8

We know you can’t wait for camp because we can’t either! Get out your duffel bag and be ready, because when you arrive you’re going to hit the ground running. We’re not stopping until we’ve enjoyed every last drop of fun. Bring a friend and join some new ones, because we’re going to camp like we mean it! $365

Beginning Sailing | Grades 6-8

We’re taking our sailing program to the next level! We’re partnering with a local sailing vendor to give our campers an even better experience. Spend several days in Cd’A with expert sailing instructors, learning the basics about the boats, the equipment, and the wind. Come back in the evening and try out your new skills in the bay. Feeling confident? Take the big sailboat out for a spin! $365

Adventures in Leadership | Grades 9-12 | July 26-August 5

Take the first step toward camp and outdoor leadership. This session focuses on the skills you’ll need to become an epic camp counselor. Discover and nurture your leadership qualities while earning your Volunteer in Training (VIT) Award. You will have the opportunity to shadow staff members as well as lead activities with younger campers while planning an all-camp activity. $500

Session 5: August 2-5

Session 5: August 2-5

Splish Splash | Grades 1-3

At the lake, it’s only appropriate to make a splash! Let’s get soaked while swimming, paddle boating, and taking aim with water balloons. Complete your week with a luau on the beach. Invite all your friends to join in the splish-splash fun! $230

Water, Water Everywhere | Grades 4-5

When you’re at the lake, there’s only one thing to do. Play in the water! Wade in it, splash with it, take pictures of it, go fishing in it, boat on it, and swim in it. Add water games, water experiments, watercolor painting, water balloon archery, and so much more. You’ll be waterlogged by the time you go home! $230

Everything H2O | Grades 6-8

Jump in the H2O and have some fun! Spend the hot summer days in and on the water: boating, paddle boarding, canoeing, swimming and diving for your lunch! Let the waves inspire you to craft, create a skit and learn new songs! $230

Session 6: August 9-14

Session 6: August 9-14

Fun in the Sun |  Grades 1-3

This is your chance to explore all that Camp Four Echoes has to offer! Swim in the lake, play new games, sing silly camp songs, explore your creative side through arts & crafts and so much more! $365

Rigabamboo |  Grades 4-5

Want to make a huge fort to sleep in? Wear your pajamas all day? Have a mud fight at the marsh? Do all this and more the entire week. Together with your friends, you’ll be able to plan new and crazy things to do at camp and let your imagination run wild! $365

You do YOU |  Grades 6-8

Finding your own style and look is important. You want to look good, but not like everyone else. What kind of look do you want? Learn more about skin care, makeup and creating a look that makes you happy and expresses who you are. Be confident in the person you are! We’ll be receiving all kinds of tips on how to do you! $365

Intermediate Sailing | Grades 7-10

We’re taking our sailing program to the next level! We’re partnering with a local sailing vendor to give our campers an even better sailing experience. Spend several days in Cd’A with expert sailing instructors, reviewing what you already know and learning more about the boats, the equipment, and the wind. Then come back in the evening and try out your skills with our boats, including taking the big sailboat for a spin! $365


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What is the layout of camp? View our camp map.

What are the sleeping arrangements like? Read about the campsites at Camp Four Echoes.

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How do I get to camp? Download directions to camp.

We're Hiring!

We're seeking multiple summer camp employees for a variety of positions.  Head over to our Careers page to learn more and apply!

Meet the Director

Marcy Mastel (camp name Jo-dan) is returning for another year as Camp Director at Camp Four Echoes! Marcy, a Gold Award recipient and lifetime member of Girl Scouts, grew up at Camp Four Echoes and is entering into her tenth year as the director. Jo-dan taught for three years at an outdoor science school and enjoys canoeing, outdoor cooking, and stargazing. She is also a mother of four, including a Daisy and a Cadette. 

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For more information about Camp Four Echoes, contact us at or 509-747-8091.