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General Inquiries
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Brian Newberry

Chief Executive Officer

ext. 207

Renee Smock

Chief Operating Officer

ext. 211

Sandy Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

ext. 210

Lori Massey

Executive Services Administrator

ext. 219

Adult Education and Girl Experience

Renee Smock

Chief Operating Officer

ext. 211

Chrystal Ortega

Community & Volunteer Engagement Director

ext. 242

Customer Care/Database

Brittany Moore

Director of Data & Systems

ext. 223

Candie White

Customer Care Specialist

ext. 200

Samantha Estep

Customer Care Specialist Program Registrar

ext. 222

Community & Volunteer Engagement/Events

Chrystal Ortega

Community & Volunteer Engagement Director

ext. 242


Sandra Hansen

Chief Financial Officer

ext. 210

Julia Andrizzi-Gold 

Staff Accountant


ext. 233

Marketing & Communications

Tammy Pruitt

Director of Marketing and Communications

ext. 213


Jodi Walter

Membership Director

ext. 208

Spokane Membership Staff

Sarah Betts

Volunteer Support Manager

ext. 225

Akayla Cosseboom

Placement Specialist

ext. 217

Tirzah Curry

Volunteer Support Manager


Beth Latner

Community Engagement Specialist

ext. 243

Alex Machado

New Troop Support Specialist

ext. 214

Madisen Weiler

community engagement Specialist

ext. 247

Remote Membership Staff

Jennie Humbyrd

Retail Specialist/
Membership Admin

ext. 301

Abigail Runner

Community Engagement Recruitment Manager


Phylicia Snow

Placement Specialist


Hilary Woodyard

Services & 
Recruitment Manager


Outreach/Go Getters Program

Natalie Giles

Outreach Program Director

ext. 218

Jess Carlander 

Outreach Program Coordinator

(509) 990-0211

Jade Nakagawa

ext. 241


Julie Morin

Director of Philanthropy

ext. 204

Mariana Marquez Sital

Regional Director


Product Program

Caitlin May

Product Program Director

ext. 203

Brianna Fields

Product Program Specialist

ext. 240

Brooke Armendarez

Product Program 

ext. 220


Katie Ybarra

Girl Experience Director


Skyla Ihne

Outdoor Specialist

Meg Phillips

Outdoor Program Specialist

ext. 205

Kaelynn Woodward

STEM Program Specialist

ext. 226


Zane Steininger

Camp Four Echoes Property Manager

(208) 446-9542

John White

Program Center Property Manager


Retail Sales

Kelsey Hodges

Retail Sales Director

ext. 238

Rita Schoen

Retail Specialist

ext. 201

Sally Mumaw

Retail Specialist

ext. 201