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Girl Scouts are Resolute!

Girl strong

Girl Scouts are resolute! That is a fact! As we dive into 2019, the backbone of our movement is a firm, admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering commitment to deliver leaders of courage—that is the definition of resolute! If you know anything about our cause, you know without a doubt our movement is resolute. For winter camp at our Program Center, I chatted with a Girl Scout who had a shirt on that echoed a great statement…”Strong girls make for a stronger world.” That is our mission statement. Indeed, the one line I always finish with my staff in every staff meeting “When Girls Succeed, Society Succeeds.” 

New Year’s Resolutions are a popular fad that happen every year and die away as fast as they come. I laugh at the more funny ones like “I resolve to stop licking frozen flag poles” or “watch more movie remakes.” But, kidding aside, to the broader point, it is a good to have resolutions or goals for the year; more serious ones than “spend less than $1825 for coffee at Starbucks.”  What is the alternative?  No goals mean no promise of forward progress. In my mind, that is not what our movement is all about. For 106 years, we as a movement have moved ahead. We set out to welcome girls to teach them values, experiences, broaden horizons and ultimately to inspire leaders who seek “to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.” Juliette Gordon Lowe certainly had her personal resolutions in 1912, and thankfully, many of them have certainly come true. In 2019, our current Girl Scout CEO Sylvia Acevedo has similar resolutions for our movement--resolve for our organization to support better STEM programming, an increased membership drive, and a better recognition for our Gold Award recipients.

In my mind, the positive forward momentum of Girl Scouts is akin to the challenging track and field event high jump. We are not satisfied with just being the fastest movement out there winning a track race. Instead, we keep pushing ourselves higher and higher until we can go no further. "You can only reach the stars if your reach exceeds your grasp", a quote made famous by poet Robert Browning. We are extending our reach because that is the only way will blaze a new trail for the next generation of trailblazers…our current Girl Scouts.

In 2019, we as a Council resolve to support our volunteers, to honor our Precious Metals achievers, to grow our programming and thus our membership, and to enable our staff of talented go-getters in every way possible (and to stay financially stable through it all). In all these resolutions, we will be resolute, that I pledge. As a Council, we are faithful, loyal, constant, staunch, and steadfast. We are the definition of resolute. We are strong Girl Scouts and we make a for a stronger and happier world. Happy 2019 Council of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho!

-Brian Newberry, CEO of GSEWNI