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Troop 1232 Loves Water, Saves Water, and Shares Water During Their Wonders of Water Journey In A Day Workshop


Brownies of Troop 1232 spent the day with their Cadette mentors learning, experimenting, and broadening their knowledge of the water cycle, rainbows, and environmental protection. Simultaneously, the older girls within the troop earned their Leader-In-Action badges. WOW! Wonders of Water is a special journey that Brownies can set sail on in order to understand how to protect the waters that fill up our planet. One of the most significant takeaways the troop gained was not only their newfound knowledge, but also the ability to teach others about what makes our waters so important; and how we can group together to keep them pretty, safe, and clean.

This exciting leadership journey for second and third graders allows girls to learn about water-related environmental issues. During the workshop, Brownies of Troop 1232 conducted a water-quality experiment that included using a water strainer and filter with the purpose of cleaning dirty water. The girls took the unclean water and strained it through a coffee filter, allowing for the crystal-clear liquid to emerge from the bottom of the strainer. This fun and unique experience helped the girls realize the importance of clean water and how to preserve our planet’s most essential natural resource. Once the water quality experiment was completed, these go-getter Girl Scouts teamed up to learn about our beautiful Earth and its ecosystems.

Each and every Girl Scout member who participated in this workshop, whether they were a Brownie or a Cadette, discovered how to love, save, and share water through their very own experiences, promises, and actions.

LOVE – Love the familiarities that water gives you in everyday life. In an effort to preserve their memories just as they strive to preserve our waters, the girls made droplets out of paper that contained their water promises and placed them on a map of lakes. Sometimes, appreciation for necessities like water can be overlooked by the busy days life carries.

SAVE – Save the promises that are built because staying loyal to a goal can make all the difference. The promises Troop 1232 made included keeping garbage out of our lakes in order to protect our aquatic friends. They were able to express their creativity through watercolor paintings depicting beautiful bodies of water and the cuddly water-dwelling pals that inhabit them.

SHARE - Share the importance of water and the happiness that flows within it so the preservation efforts can spread. Troop 1232’s Brownies and Cadettes worked together to create posters depicting what they learned to encourage others to know and understand the Wonders of Water. They will be posting their masterpieces on the walls of their local library, for all to see.

Throughout this invaluable experience, Troop 1232 achieved what they set sail to do – create awareness of the importance of water, which inhabits nearly 70 percent of our Earth’s surface. Through their efforts, they were able to successfully influence the community to join them in the promise to keep our waters clean. A special shout-out of appreciation goes to Troop 1232’s Cadettes, who led and mentored the younger girls throughout this entire process, truly demonstrating the importance of Girl Scout sisterhood. “What a big help they were. Each Cadette was assigned two Brownies to lead,” said co-leader Jessica, “they were very helpful.”    

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