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SU 491's Lap Blanket Service Project Warms the Community


In an effort to spread holiday cheer and community kindness, Service Unit 491 of Ephrata and Moses Lake, Washington 

executed a lap blanket service project. With the help of donated materials and great volunteers, the girls made fleece blankets to donate to area nursing homes and care facilities.

Older girls, mothers, and grandmothers sewed the blankets’ long edges, while the younger girls tied the ends 

together and experimented with sewing through the guidance of their troop sisters. The project taught girls new skills and share their creativity with others, which made the event extra special. "We were able to cut, tie, and sew cool designs on the blankets," said Courtney, Girl Scout Junior. The combined group effort made it possible for 180 beautiful, soft, cozy and warm blankets to be gifted to those in need. “It made me feel so happy to help people who don’t

have blankets to stay warm,” said Emily, Girl Scout Daisy.

It has become a longstanding tradition for Service Unit 491 to do something fun and beneficial for their community 

during the holidays. What started out as a day of caroling and festive wrapping of donated toys, turned into making hygiene kits for their local warming shelter, and has now transformed into an effort to 
bring warmth to a deserving group of people in a special and unique way. All the participants agreed that this year's project was extremely rewarding because it allowed them to find a need within their area and fill it, all while having a great time. "When I delivered the quilts I felt happy because the recipients smiled at me and said thank you. I know how much work it took to make all this happen and it was special because I was apart of it," added Courtney. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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