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Local Girl Forfeits Cookie Goal to Help Another Scout Reach Hers


Elisabeth Bedard, with Troop 4812 in Omak, WA, has been a Girl Scout for six years. She joined the organization in first grade as a Daisy and has been invested ever since. She’s in it for the long haul because she’s following in her mother’s foot steps, who earned both her Silver and Gold awards as an adolescent and is now the troop Leader of her daughter’s group. With a Bronze Award under her belt, Elisabeth is currently working on her Silver Award with her best friend Kaylee.

In addition to doing big things while working on issues she cares about (and simultaneously earning the highest honors a Girl Scout can receive), Elisabeth also enjoys camping. She spends at least one week a year at Camp Four Echoes and dreads the sessions’ last day when she has to return home. The outdoors and all the friendships offered at camp are so near and dear to her heart that she once paid for a friend to go so she, too, could experience all the excitement camp has to offer.

Introducing a fellow scout to camp on her own dime may seem like an admirable act of a twelve year old, but believe it or not - it pales in comparison to the generosity she exuded during this year’s cookie sale…

Elisabeth has always been slightly competitive with her Girl Scout cookie sales. Year after year, she sets an aggressive goal for herself and this year, in particular, she yearned for success because she wanted to hit the maximum prize level – earning herself a kayak. A Brownie in Elisabeth’s Service Unit also had her eyes set on the Outdoor Tuff Stinger Inflatable Two-Person Kayak received from selling 2,000 boxes of cookies during the 2017 sale.

Elisabeth’s mother, Stephanie, made a trip to Spokane to pick up additional cookies so both girls could reach their goals. Unfortunately, after all was said and done – they simply didn’t have enough. “She knew I worked all week and would not be able to go and get more cookies, and neither could the other mother,” Stephanie said. “Elisabeth was sitting outside selling cookies, like she had been everyday, and as she kept looking at the cookies I could tell she was trying to figure something out,” she continued.

Later, Elisabeth asked her mother how close her and the Brownie were to reaching their goals. When she found out they were neck and neck, but still a ways away from victory, Elisabeth said, “I am done. Let’s get her to hit that goal. One of us has to and if we both try, neither of us will succeed.” So, she did just that. Elisabeth selflessly sacrificed her own ambitions to help her Girl Scout sister sell the rest of the cookies they had on-hand.

“I am tickled to say the Brownie did reach her goal,” said Stephanie.