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Our Girl Scout Mothers Shiver and Rock!

Girl Scout mom

Having just written a blog last month celebrating our valiant volunteers for Volunteer Appreciation Day, I was not inclined to pen a blog so quickly, but Mother’s Day is such a special day in our movement. I had to offer my deepest gratitude to our volunteer moms. Our mothers, our Girl Scout mothers, are the reason this movement is so strong, so resilient. This Sunday, we honor all our mothers who make the world a better place, and certainly, we honor our Girl Scout Mothers, our troop leaders, and our troop moms. This past Easter weekend was the inspiration for this blog. I was visiting cookie booths that last cookie weekend. That Saturday, the final cookie booth weekend, I started in a rainy Tri-Cities and drove southeast to Walla Walla—soon, snow developed, big snowflakes, wet snow. I continued forward and got to Lewiston later in the day. By the time I pointed north to go to Spokane, I had hit ice and heavy winds until I got to Colfax. This is not entirely out of the ordinary, as we do get snow in April and sometimes in May in Washington, but the most extraordinary part of the day was cookies were sold unencumbered! Who were the stalwarts on the front lines??? Girl Scout moms shivering with their young daughters. Not one place did I go was a Girl alone. Every place, there was the mom smiling and saying, “We got this,” with a crooked smile! 

I am in awe of our Girl Scout moms. They have all the leadership characteristics of the best servant leaders. They have Juliette Gordon Low vision. They are healers. They have a commitment to the growth of others, not only their daughters but others within the troop. And mothers have the very best servant leadership characteristics of all—they are the best listeners, and they have deep empathy because they spend so much time worrying and identifying with their family. Each of these characteristics are developed from day one of Motherhood. We as a movement are blessed to have so many moms who give their all to inspiring their Girl Scouts, all Girl Scouts and, in the process, seriously make the world a better place.

As we as a Council celebrate our mothers and thank them for what they do this weekend, I reflect back on our proud 110-year history. A hundred and five years ago, inspired mothers in Muskogee, Oklahoma, helped bake cookies so their Girl Scouts could sell them and raise funds to buy handkerchiefs for soldiers fighting in World War I. What a genius idea! Everyone loves cookies, and they are modestly inexpensive, even in these inflationary days. So 105 years later, this genius motherly idea fuels a billion-dollar movement that quite literally propels us forward. The entrepreneurial act of selling cookies is the core part of how we develop confidence in our Girl Scouts, and one out of two Girl Scouts will go on to become women business leaders. A second point to empathize about the power of mothers in our movement is how gritty and resilient mothers are. Strengthened after years of putting on band-aids on “ouchies,” our mothers are singularly equipped to take Girls camping, sell cookies in snowstorms and help Gold Girl Scouts achieve the most difficult of youth awards—the Gold Award. Mothers never quit!

Girl Scout momswe celebrate you making us green and growing. You really are the glue that holds us together. Find a blinged Girl Scout booth, and there’s a mom nearby with a pocket filled with beads and a glue gun. See a Bronze Award Free Library, and off to the side, there’s a mom paintbrush in hand. Witness a flawless flag ceremony, and in the next room is a mom with a folded-up instruction card in her back pocket. The wise philosopher Gandhi once said: “It may be possible to gild pure gold, but who can make her mother more beautiful?” Well said. Moms are beautiful, and they are why the Girl Scout movement is beautiful to behold. Enjoy your day, moms. Because of you, we are Girl Scouts!