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Dads Make the World a Better Place

Dad with daughter at home

Happy Father’s Day, dads.

We celebrate you! I am incredibly reverent to all our mothers for making our movement a place where Girls go strong! But I am also so appreciative to our dads for all YOU do to make the world a better place! I know from experience with our thousands of cookie booths that our dads make such a difference, too, especially in this 2022 Climb For Courage cookie sale where we sold 1.1M cookies. I remember one new dad to Girl Scouts at Moses Lake who was at Safeway with his daughter early in the sale. It was the first weeks and crazy busy and he was doing all he could to manage the dollar change drawer. The Girl Scout looked at her dad, and I could see her telling him by her confident body language. “Dad, we got this!” They are quite a team. It is dads like this who sign their daughter up for our great movement and doesn’t quite know what is coming down the pike but still gleefully helps her entrepreneurial ambitions with a quiet smile. So many Bronze, Silver, and Gold projects have the support of dear old Dad. Way to go!!!!

Juliette Gordon Low was a rock star. She literally could climb Mt Everest solo. I believe that—she is that strong. But creating a movement out of thin air is hard to do, and Juliette needed help. She needed male federal legislators to make the Congressional charter, and Baden-Powell, the Boy Scout founder, had a profound influence on Juliette’s drive. Juliette was also an outdoorswoman, and I am certain she had many male role models, including her dad, who helped her learn how to ride horses, complete metal-making projects, and do all the other exotic things she did. We need our dads and moms both to make the world a better place. There are so many difficult challenges in our world right now. One bright spot, our Girl Scouts are growing and growing fast! That is truly how you make the world a better place. More Girl Scouts! Thank you to all the Dads out there for all you do to help our Girls grow confidence, courage, and character. We celebrate you all for being “man enough to be a Girl Scout!” Happy Father’s day, Girl Scout dads!