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Girl Scouts are Wonder Women!

Wonder Woman

Our Girl Scouts are Wonder Women!  They truly are.  I have enjoyed watching reruns of the 2017 Wonder Woman remake on TV as the new movie Wonder Woman 84 plays in theaters across the country (where they are open).  The original movie reminds me how special are Girl Scouts are.  First, one of the strengths of the Wonder Women franchise is it stands alone.  Diana Prince does not share screen time with 10 other superheroes.  She stands alone.  She commands the movie screen as she protects truth and justice.  Diana is also an optimist in pursing right over wrong.  Her pursuit of the villain God of War Aries in the first movie was relentless.  For example, in a  final scene, she does what is right heading across the WWI battlefield to find Aries and in the process ends a bitter trench war.  In the recent movie, Wonder Women 84, Diana again remains relentless and faithful in protecting the Washington DC populace and making  hard decisions to help others over herself.  She also never shies from confidence in her own abilities.  Wonder Women is truly wonderful.

Getting to know our Girl Scouts over the past two years, they are Diana Prince in so many ways  sans the Invisible Jet.  First, we are one of the smallest Councils out there.  But our Girl scouts are known.  Idaho Governor Little talked to Girl Scout Ambassador Mikayla Butler earlier this year via the phone to congratulate her on her amazing cookies sales.  I don’t know many people who have conversations with the Governor.  We had multiple City Councils celebrate our Girl Scout Wonder Women for Day of the Girl in October.  Kennewick even issued a proclamation.  We have walked the halls of the Olympia Capitol multiple times.  The legislators knew Girl Scouts were in the house!  We command the world stage and our Girls are the leading actresses just like Diana Prince.

Moreover, our Girl Scouts see Lemon Ups and they make Lemon Pie with  a sweet graham cracker crust.  They are the eternal optimists.  I see a few Girl Scouts a week visit our retail store.  Half the time, the Girl Scout has a stuffed animal unicorn in their hand.  A rainbow is likely on the saddle.  Girl Scouts are about promises kept whether it be pre-ordered cookies during a pandemic or taking action to make the world a better place.  No better example of this than when I visited Theresa Stuck, cookie manager in Lewiston, last year when we still had 650,000 cookies to sell.  As the early summer environment seemed most uncertain, Theresa looked at me in the eye and said “we got your back.” Our Girls are the best entrepreneurs in the nation.  She was right.  She was a Wonder Woman optimist. 

Finally, our Girl Scouts are faithful in making the world a better place.  Whether performing community service on Dr King Day, honoring veterans on Veterans Day or the number of Bronze, Silver and Gold projects earned during a pandemic year, our Girl Scouts are focused on being super heroines of good.  One Girl Scout in Yakima, last April, handed out toilet paper with her dad when none could be found.  Our Girl Scouts have a gold lasso and a strength of fortitude to finish the job.  After a year of challenge, we stand on the dawn of a cookie season and the enthusiasm is palatable.  Over 400 registered for the cookie rally is but one of many examples that give me hope!  The cookie season motto—“We Got This!”   Is that not so like Wonder Women?  Any doubt that when Wonder Woman shows up…”she does got this” because she is confident, an optimist and singularly focused on doing good for others.

Our Girl Scouts are indeed Wonder Women and they do got this.  They are our stars and this year and every year, they are Oscar winners.  We Got This!