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The Power of Green

Celebrate Girl Scout Week

March is a green month because of shamrocks, leprechauns and the arrival of spring.  But, it is truly a green month because it is the Girl Scout birthday month!  March 12, 1912, Savanah, Georgia was epicenter for the first "green team", the first dream team, to show to America.  Our founder Juliette Gordon Low inspired 18 Girls of different ethnicities, socioeconomic status and backgrounds to come together to form Girl Scouts. They were bound by one thing: a commitment to lead for others and to "help people at all times." Never once has the movement veered from this inspiration serving the homefront in WWI, helping with suffrage, giving encouragement in the Great Depression to a beleaguered nation, uplifting soldiers in WWII, and being part of the Civil Rights movement. Today we remain as relevant as ever as we push forward with a resurgent effort today to encourage civics.  Girl Scouts has been interwoven into the national DNA for 108 years and all this has been backed up by an iconic dessert, the Thin Mint, which remind America every winter that green, growth and hope is here again. That is why March is a green month. Girl Scouts is an iconic brand that we all can relate to from our parents being Girl Scouts to seeing take action Girl Scouts doing service projects to buying cookies at a supermarket from an energized Girl Scout every spring.

A big fan of college football, I marveled at the blogs this December from fans either celebrating or complaining on where their teams ended up for the bowls; some warmer places, some cooler. Why did Alabama and Michigan end up in Orlando? One answer: brand. Brand matters. What you stand for, what your history is and where you are going in the future--that is brand, all rolled up in a iconic trefoil. That is why I am so proud to be affiliated with the Girl Scout brand. Juliette gave it one north star and that leadership Polaris has kept up on course for 108 years. We have not wavered and that consistency, respect and performance is why the public uplifts us every year in cookie season--we have brand power with a little deliciousness thrown in.

Visiting the famous Girl Scout Edith Macy retreat center this week in New York, I saw where World Thinking Day started in 1926. I could only smile standing on the frozen ground where the first Girl pioneers envisioned  an idea to bring our global movement closer. This past February 22, over 10 million Girl Scouts and Girl Guides continued the tradition 94 years later--brand power exemplified! For my part, I feel a distinct duty to ensure our brand continues unblemished. 3.500 Girl Scouts and 1,500 adults in my Council are counting on us. This March our brand will be on display in many areas as we visit Olympia legislators, celebrate Women of Distinction and hold our second annual Girlcon. We remain very proud of the 50 million Girl Scouts who came before us. Because their course was so straight and true, it is easy for us to follow. Happy birthday Girl Scouts and thank you Juliette! The power of green this month is unbridled...we got this and we got Thin Mints!


--Brian Newberry, GSEWNI CEO