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This Innovative Girl Scout, Wendellyn, is Our Billboard Contest Runner Up!


Congratulations to Wendellyn Hall for taking 2nd place in our Billboard Contest!

Wendellyn is an 8th grade Cadette in Post Falls, ID Troop 3032. She's an Innovator. Meet Wendelynn...

I am Wendellyn Hall. I am a Cadette Girl Scout. Girl Scouts teaches us to be innovative. Innovators look at things from a different perspective. They find creative ways to turn challenges into opportunities. Here are a few examples from my experience:

Eighth Grade Trip
My school is offering the opportunity to travel from Post Falls to Washington D.C. and New York City. This is an amazing opportunity, however, there is a challenge, I must raise $2,600! The school sponsored two fundraisers. I did not think that would be enough. I talked with my family, we came up with innovative plans. I called on the local car dealerships and offered to make Saturday lunches for the employees. It was very successful! Being a Girl Scout Innovator, I took my love for baking, and created a list of prices for baked goods that I could make and took them to the car dealerships, as well. Innovative action helped me reach my goal two weeks early!

Girl Scout Cookie Scholarship
I once turned an old baby trailer into a cookie carrier. I did this so I could ride my bike around the neighborhood and sell cookies. As a result of my successful Girl Scout Cookie Business, I am already saving towards college.

Girl Scout Silver Award
The kennel floors at our local Humane Society are cement. Idaho gets cold in the winter. This is stressful for abandoned animals. With the help of my Girl Scout sisters, and our generous community, we received enough donated materials so the animals could have homemade blankets to show them they are loved.

I believe being an innovator puts our best ideas into action and turns challenges into opportunities.

"The work of today is the history of tomorrow and we are its makers" Juliette Gordon Low