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Brian's Corner - Welcome to the Sisterhood

SU 481

Welcome to the Sisterhood is a powerful statement. It is the foundation of the Girl Scout Law in its closing to “make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.” In being a sister to every Girl Scout, there becomes strength in numbers. I have felt this strength in the Coeur d’Alene Camporee campfire chants, at Camp Four Echoes and the Annual Meeting when volunteers, girls, and staff descended on the Program Center to endorse our program for another year. Being new to Girl Scouts, I am still learning the many rich traditions, but meeting alumni and past Gold Award recipients, the pride in our 106 year traditions tower over all we do providing us hope and inspiration for a better future. The recent Girl Scout USA public service announcement showing our program’s powerful past lifts everyone’s spirits.

The African proverb “Alone you go fast, together you far” is so apropos for our traditions. Juliette Gordon Low started our history with a troop of 18 Girls, culturally and ethnically diverse and gelled them into leaders who change the world by demonstrating the power of female leadership. Indeed, it was a scant six years later when Low and other suffragists convinced the country of the vital need for women to vote. The Girl Scout voice has been becoming stronger ever since, and rightly so. I am heartened by recent efforts to make LinkedIn and other social media platforms more conducive to connecting Girl Scout alumni to business opportunities and connections. There will always be strength in numbers. The sisterhood is growing.

A week ago, I saw the strength in numbers at Camp Four Echoes when the Girl Scout campers marched singing and chanting to a fireworks display. As they came over the hill a quarter mile away, first you heard them singing in unison. Then you saw the leaders marching through the small settlement by the bay. They arrived, excited, motivated and full of energy. The sisterhood is strong indeed. In my first national event, the #2 Girl Scout staff person wished me the best in my leadership journey—she said—“welcome to the sisterhood.” It startled me and reminded me of the gravitas of the moment. I am hopefully an honorary member of this sisterhood. In my time as CEO, I am determined to strengthen our programs so the sisterhood grows stronger. Together we go far and Girl Scouts when speaking with one voice does move mountains. And in doing so, we make the world a better place. Welcome to the sisterhood Girl Scouts!

-Brian Newberry, GSEWNI, CEO