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Brian's Corner - Don't Stop Believing


Last weekend, I fulfilled a bucket list wish to see my favorite childhood group Journey in a concert. The final song of the night was the iconic "Don't Stop Believing." Just 24 hours prior, I was able to spend some time with some iconic volunteer leaders of our council at Camp Four Echoes receiving training in a festive weekend dubbed S'Mores. Much as the Journey concert put a spring in my step, so did meeting all the volunteers and seeing the passion for Girl Scouts in their eyes.

'Believing' is having firm conviction in an ideal. Our ideal as a council is our belief in Girl Scouts and giving them every opportunity to experience a journey where they graduate our program with experience, motivation and a confidence to go make our community a better place. My staff shares that high ideal. So does Girl Scouts USA. What gave me so much hope last Friday was meeting 65 volunteers who gave of their weekend to come together to learn how to be stronger leaders. That is commitment for a greater good.

This week, our awesome marketing team released a new field guide. Check it out here. Reading it, you quickly come across some great illustrations from pamphlets of yesteryear. Some come from as far back as the 1930's. I know even in the darkest days of World War II, Girl Scouts were carrying the torch to help their community. Girl Scouts stamina traces all the way back to our founder, Juliette Gordan Low, who was a pioneer to chart a better course for Girls, a course shaped by the Girl Scout Law, Promise and the motto "Do a good turn daily."

106 years later after our inception, 65 adult volunteers joyfully came together to spend a weekend to make our mission better. You can see why I have that extra skip in my step. That is pretty special to be surrounded by volunteers with a commitment to keep our legacy of Girl leadership going strong. "Don't Stop Believing" is easy when you have volunteers like this. Our journey continues....

-Brian Newberry, GSEWNI CEO