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Anticipation Builds


December is a month of anticipation, a month when children who celebrate the holidays examine each and every wrapped gift surmising the contents. For others, including frantic parents, it is a time awaiting family and friends to come visit for holiday gatherings. For even others, it is a month when we look forward to days off, great food and holiday lights, shining against long days of darkness as winter hits its peak. For me personally, I am looking forward to seeing Girl Scouts visit our Program Center for winter camp and all the cool things our programming team has in store. 

For our Girl Scout program, this month is “Anticipation” with a Capital A!  2018 was a time of transition for our program with a third new staff, a lot of programming options unveiled, and continued changes with a shifting outside world. As 2019 peeks over the horizon, I can attest to much excitement lies ahead for us and our Girl Scouts. GSUSA is energized to introduce a plethora of new badges and is excited to help streamline the Gold Award Girl Scout requirements. Having visited with all the Girl Scouts CEO last month, it is evident our movement has never been as aligned in our noble mission of building Girls of courage as it is now. From increased public service announcements highlighting the deeds of Girl Scouts to membership piloting options, our national headquarters is united to support us locally.

2019 will be a year of positive traction for our Movement, that I guarantee. On the membership front, we are participating in a host of membership pilots including a call center assist and a winter Daisy campaign. Product sales looks to be as positive as ever coming off a successful fall campaign. Entrepreneurship will be our Council’s focus and the benefits of leading and managing well will be our messaging for all our Girl Scouts advancing product sales. Our next summer’s camp season will look to help those from outer areas of our Council attend Camp Four Echoes. Additionally, programming will be robust and plentiful throughout our Council. We intend to strengthen adult education process and volunteer recognition is our Council’s top priority with membership. As an example, 12 more Leaders of the Month will be handed out in the next year, and we will have a big celebration of volunteers June 1 at Camp Four Echoes.

Finally, with each passing day, I expect our honoring of our Precious Metal award recipients will grow and grow, including and most certainly, our Gold Award recipients. Gold Award Girl Scouts change the world and we want our community to understand that. We are heartened that two Mayors will soon honor two recent Gold Award recipients. It helps tremendously for each Gold Award Girl Scout to know we honor their great commitment to service and we hope they are honored to be on our wall of honor here in the Council, date of completion this spring.  

As a child, my anticipation grew each day as I opened up a piece of candy on our advent calendar. Today, my anticipation grows as we inch nearer and nearer to 2019, and a year of boundless possibilities, knowing our superstar staff is synced and jazzed to make 2019 the best ever. Each days brings forward a new initiative or new opportunity to help Girl Scouts across our 65,000 square miles succeed. 2019 is here and we are prepared for it. May MORE Girls of Courage, Character and Confidence be the outcome, and that is a good thing, not only for our families, but for our small place in the world. 2020 will be a better place and it is will be because of our 2019 Girl Scouts. Who wouldn’t anticipate that with great excitement? Happy holidays Council—we are here for you!

-Brian Newberry, GSEWNI CEO