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Troop 5300 Has Gone Healthy By Earning Their Strong Girl Healthy Meeting Patch


Daisy/Brownie Troop 5300 from Kennewick, WA has gone healthy! By combining their Healthy Meeting Badge tasks and other badge activities they were working on, they were able to make it even more fun and informative.

Troop 5300 successfully repurposed their Outdoor Adventurer Badge activities by using camp equipment as batons in relay races. The girls also learned about recycling as they ran relays with the recyclable materials. Lily Parkes and Isabella Irvin especially loved the relay races. In addition, the troop was able to incorporate sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks while working on their Financial Literacy Badge activities.

Willow Feather really enjoyed jumping rope while the girls worked on their 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals activities. As suggested by 5 Flowers, they dug out the jump ropes and had a blast! Avery Carter certainly enjoyed it, saying "I like exercising through jumping rope and trying new things, like berries!"

Another task the girls needed to complete was to taste test three fruits and vegetables. Troop Leader Shellie Feather said, "we tried three new fruits and three new vegetables. I tried to keep some at least similar to other foods and one that was really out there. For our vegetables, we had green, orange, and purple cauliflower, purple and yellow carrots, and jicama. For our fruits we had pomegranate seeds, kumquats, and papaya." All of the girls took a special liking to pomegranate seeds.

The girls of Troop 5300, Aria, Zoe, Avery, Sofia, Willow, Isabella, Lily, Bailey, and Katharine did a great job having fun while learning about healthy foods and exercise. Way to get creative and use your resources girls! Keep up the good work!

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