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Miss Idaho USA Volunteers with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho


Sydney Halper, also known as Miss Idaho USA, has made it her mission to be a positive role model and inspiration to our nation's youth. "What better way to accomplish my desire to give back than to work with a non-profit organization, like Girl Scouts?" questioned Sydney. She is excited to start volunteering with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho in the coming weeks.

We, too, are excited to have a Girl Scout Alumni return to our organization to help girls grow to be strong, confident leaders. Sydney is proud to have been a Brownie during her childhood and distinctly remembers how much she looked up to and respected each member of her troop. She pleasantly recalls the hard work, dedication and enjoyment that went in to earning each badge. Now, she is ready to become the leader like the one she so fondly looked up to during her youth.

"Being a Girl Scout allowed me to grow up with a broad range of skills. I learned how to interact with other kids at a young age, how to utilize the resources around me and to work hard for what I want in life." She continued, "these skills have helped me reach my goals today, such as becomingMiss Idaho USA and graduating from the University of Idaho."

Halper describes herself as a driven individual and attributes her determination to the experiences she gained in Girl Scouts. "I want girls to be able to talk with me, dream with me and grow up to be positive role models in their communities. I would not be where I am today without the influence Girl Scouts made on my life."