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Introducing GSEWNI's Lil Stacy Scout


Lil Stacy Scout is a Girl Scout, just like you! She's a Junior with two pony tails and a quirky smile. She loves to wear her sash wherever she goes because she's proud to be a "small but mighty" scout. Lil Stacy has been with the council for a while now, and has had the privilege of traveling all over the council (and sometimes across the country) to share in all kinds of scouting celebrations, community projects, and traditions. 

Like most creative, courageous, and curious young girls - Lil Stacy loves adventures. She enjoys meeting new Girl Scouts wherever she goes and rarely turns down a new experience. From China Town in New York City to the Space Needle in Seattle, she brings her excitement and gratitude everywhere she goes. Whether she's climbing a tree or sitting princess in a canoe, she is surely having a good time and appreciating all the opportunities that are given to her.

Lil Stacy's favorite thing about scouting is making new friends; and she's really good at it, too! You can find her at various community events sharing the Girl Scout experience with individuals and families. Not only does she share her sisterhood with girls in-person, she also has a presence on Instagram. Lil Stacy Scout encourages you to follow her and join her where she'll be next!