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Former Delegate Shares Her Perspective as Excitement Builds for the 2016 Annual Meeting


In nearly four and a half months, GSEWNI's staff, Board members, volunteers and girl members will have the opportunity to gather together as Girl Scouts as we share news, make decisions, celebrate successes, learn from each other and create connections that help us change the world. This unique, yearly gathering is known as our Annual Meeting and this upcoming year it will be held at the Kiwanis building in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday, April 16.

One of the main purposes of the Annual Meeting is to honor the voice of our membership, which is a guiding principle of Girl Scouts. Council delegates hold an especially important role in this process, having the opportunity to identify and make known issues affecting girls and adult volunteers. A longstanding volunteer and Girl Scout alumna, Dianne MacDuff, always looks forward to our council's Annual Meeting. From the perspective of former delegate Dianne acknowledges, "This meeting is our chance to be involved with the business of the council, interacting with the Board members and sometimes revising council policies."

Not only do delegates serve as the primary communication link between Girl Scout members, community networks and GSEWNI Board members, they are also provided the invaluable opportunity to influence policy and experience policy-making. Anyone who is a registered member 14 years and older has the opportunity to be an elected representative of GSEWNI, which allows for the gaining of new skills and the chance to participate in thought-provoking discussions of important issues that influence the Girl Scout Movement. "I'm so excited when I see older girls at the Annual Meeting, experiencing parliamentary procedure in action," exclaimed Dianne, "a skill that many will find useful in the future."