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Celebrating a Special Story of Sisterhood


August 7, 2016 is National Sister's Day, an annual holiday celebrated on the first Sunday in August recognizing the bond shared between sisters. Today we're taking a moment to reflect on a powerful bond between sisters through the perspective of one of our very own Girl Scout alumna, Courtney Grant. On June 18, 2016 she shared the best day of her life - the marriage between her and her new husband - with her Girl Scout sisters by her side.

Amanda, Shay, Savannah, and Courtney became friends over ten years ago when their troops merged. They also grew close with a fellow scout, Jenna, who was a part of a different troop in the same area. The girls' friendship has grown strong ever since through a numerous amount of memorable experiences, including volunteering, traveling, and attending school together. Courtney met her last bridesmaid, Fawn, at school when they had been assigned to the same group in their humanities class. Fawn recently joined the Girl Scout family and is currently working at Camp Four Echoes helping lead program activities for our summer resident campers. "When my boyfriend proposed to me it only made sense to have my Girl Scout sisters be my bridesmaids," said Courtney. "From Camp Wooten, to the Mall of America, through my Gold Award project, to New York City, back to Portland, off to college, and finally, down the aisle - I've been blessed to have the same lovely ladies by my side."

Courtney attributes the growth and success in her life to her friends, family, both past and present -  much of which has a strong affiliation to Girl Scouts. All within a month's time, she graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Communications and Public Relations, married her special guy, and began a career with the Washington State Patrol. "Girl Scouts has been there to support me and teach me every step of the way," she cheerfully admits. "I'm not sure that I'd be doing what I'm doing now if I hadn't had my Girl Scout family there."

From earning her highest awards and being on the GSEWNI Gold Award committee, to being selected as a National Delegate, Courtney has made everyone who knows her proud. "I am so honored to be Courtney's mom," said Margie Grant, who has been a troop leader and volunteer for over 14 years. "I can't imagine having anyone other than her Girl Scout sisters by her side on her wedding day. I love these young women and couldn't be prouder of them. They really are a true blessing as well as amazing examples of courage, confidence, and character, who are making the world a better place," she continued.

Sisterhood is a common theme in Girl Scouting, most recently explored in Mission: Sisterhood, from the leadership journey It's Your Story - Tell It! Whether the last troop meeting took place yesterday or twenty years ago, the bond of sisterhood lasts forever.

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