We want every girl to be so excited about her future that she can hardly wait for it. That feeling starts with you!

Help us get girls off waiting lists and into troops by inviting a friend to start a new troop with Girl Scouts. Now it the perfect time because this November, we have fun gifts for you and your friend!


  1. Invite a friend to start a new Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie or Junior troop.
  2. Ask your friend to complete a membership and volunteer application.
  3. Tell us you recruited someone at girlscouts.org/inviteafriend to qualify for fun


  • Volunteers who recruit a friend to start a new K–5 troop will receive $50 to use at Girl Scouts’ Official Online Store. The person you successfully recruit to volunteer will get a new Volunteer Resource Pack (a Girl’s Guide, a Journey set, a badge pack, a tote, and pins)!   
  • You have from November 1 to November 30, 2014, to earn your reward. 
  • You must be a registered Girl Scout volunteer to "invite a friend". All registrations must be received by October 31, 2014 to qualify.
  • Besides the $50 coupon code and Volunteer Resource Packs, the GREATEST BENEFIT of this offer is all the new
    Girl Scouts we’ll be able to serve with the troop leaders you recruit.  

You’ll definitely want to participate in the Volunteer Invite-a-Friend offer, so think about who would love to share in the excitement of Girl Scouting.


  • Thinking of someone who would be an EXCELLENT Girl Scout role model and then considering the girls they could encourage to become involved.
  • Reaching out to excellent role models in your community—church members, school volunteers, family, and friends—and sell them on the huge impact they could have on girls in the community and the wonderful experiences they’ll enjoy as a Girl Scout troop leader.


  • Once your new volunteer has decided she wants to be involved, make sure to tell them WHERE to find the volunteer application and the background check form so that they can begin the process.  
  • Check in with your new volunteer along the way. See where they are in the process. Did they find and complete the application online? Are they ready to fill out a membership registration form?  
  • Once these are complete, tell us you have recruited someone at girlscouts.org/inviteafriend.
  • You and your friend will receive an email with a coupon code to order their Volunteer Resource Pack, and you’ll receive $50 to use at the national online store.
  • Start looking for new girls to involve now that we’ve got a new troop started!

GSUSA and Girl Scouts Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho are partnering in the Volunteer Invite-a-Friend promotion. GSUSA is supporting our efforts by underwriting the costs of this program, and we’re playing a big role in helping to get the word out!

Inspire others by telling your own story! As a guide, mentor and cheerleader to girls, you introduce girls to new and fun experiences every day — showing them they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. Share how great it feels to make a difference in a girl’s life.

For questions, contact Mindy Thorp at mthorp(at)gsewni.org or call 800-827-9478 ext. 216.

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When you just can't wait for what you'll do next, you can do anything!

At Girl Scouts, girls are always counting down to the next adventure they'll go on together. Maybe it's artistic. Maybe it's an experiment. Maybe it's getting outside or helping the community. With us, you'll make a bunch of new friends and have a ton of new experiences that show you how exciting the world is, and how awesome you are, over and over again. So what are you waiting for?

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You may go directly to the forms page and download the registration form to join, or complete the interest form on this page and one of our Program and Membership Coordinators will contact you directly to answer any questions you have about Girl Scouting in your area. You may also review the Parent Guide to learn more about Girl Scouting, volunteering as an adult and the many facilities, events and activities available to girls and adult volunteers throughout our council.