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Patch Program

GSEWNI Council Patch Resources


STEM - A Patch Program

Think about it: Science, technology, engineering, and math are everywhere! The color spectrum is a science and your car and computer are constantly changing with new technology. Your house is the work of an engineer, and math includes knowing how much change you will get at the store. It appears as though STEM is all around you, so you might as well embrace it! This STEM Patch Program was created by Girl Scout Junior Troop 3659 from Spokane, WA as part of their Girl Scout Bronze Award. Patches are available for purchase in the GSEWNI Store for $1.99. Click here for more information on this Patch Program.


A Susie Forest - A Patch Program

This patch program has been developed in honor of Susie Stephens.  Susie was born in April of 1965. Susie was a Girl Scout in our Council. She participated in many activities including a trip to Japan with her troop. Her experience in Girl Scouting led her down many interesting paths in life. Susie’s life was cut short in March of 2002 when she was killed crossing a street in a crosswalk. Click here for more information on this Patch Program.


T.N.T. and Fireworks: Blow ‘em Up Good Junior Badge

This patch program was developed by Junior Girl Scout Troop 546 of Spokane. Completing the requirements for this patch will help girls learn the history of fireworks, how they are made, and how to handle them safely. Click here for more information on this Patch Program.


Outdoor Experience Patch

The Outdoor Experience Patch offers the Advisor and girls an up-to-date camping program. Girls will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills needed for first-time outdoor exploring and continue in a progression sequence, which will enable them to become completely “at home” in a primitive camp setting. Click here for more information on this Patch Program.


Discover the World Patch

The Discover the World Patch is focused on intercultural exploration and budget travel. To complete the patch, girls chose between activities ranging from trip planning and interviewing international travelers to participating in local volunteer projects. The patch helps girls become more engaged and caring citizens.

Ages: Girl Scout Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
For more information click on this link!