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5,020 Boxes of Cookies Sold is the Record Breaking Number


Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho’s RECORD BREAKING Cookie Seller for 2017 is Miranda Reed!  Miranda has been a Girl Scout since she was in the second grade.  As a Girl Scout, Miranda has donated her time, talents and resources while having the time of her life!  She has accomplished many things like forming a Daisy Girl Scout Troop at the Boys and Girls Club, making a donation from her cookie proceeds to Wishing Star, and donating her ‘cookie tips’ to a breast cancer patient. She is now one of the two Girl Board Members for Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.  Miranda is not only involved in Girl Scouts, but other community programs too!  She’s a member of the Mead School District Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society and she’s a Chase Youth Commissioner.  Miranda also participates in the Mead debate team, cross-country, and tennis teams.  Aside from all of the community involvement, Miranda also loves to bake, swim, hunt, and camp!

The cookie sale business takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  Miranda mastered the ability to successfully sell cookies and used her entrepreneurial skills to branch off on her own.  She says “As a young Girl Scout, I had the best time with my friends selling at booth sales and those times were very special to me, but it was time for me to develop my own business plan.”  Miranda’s business plan got her to where she is today as a top cookie seller for GSEWNI – selling a total of 5,020 boxes of cookies!  In fact, Miranda has been one of the council’s top 5 cookie sellers for the last several years.  She has a few tricks up her sleeve that gave her the ability to break records this cookie season!  Miranda ALWAYS participates in pre-sales, but she also had another strategy.  She takes empty boxes of cookies and displays them at various school functions, which starts people thinking about cookies.  Miranda creates strong community contacts by diligently working with the managers and owners of the businesses where she sets up her cookie booths.

When asked if she had any other special tips, she said “Make a spreadsheet, write down their name, ask for a business card and KEEP IT.  Send a thank you note at the end of the season recapping your sales and if you reached your goal.  Make sure to keep good communications with your contacts throughout the years because they will be super excited to keep teaming up with you!”

In order to become the Council record-breaking cookie seller, Miranda put in hours of dedication and mastered perseverance!  Since middle-school, she has sold cookies every spring break, knowing that the ‘fun in the sun’ was to come during the summer.  She would start bright and early at 9AM or even sometimes earlier and she would not get back home until as late as 9PM at night!  Miranda says she has learned so much throughout her time as a Girl Scout and selling cookies has been quite possibly one of the most important ‘jobs’ that she will ever have had and she enjoyed it!

Miranda has used her cookie money to go on a Girl Scout Destination not only once or twice, but THREE times!  This year, she took a trip to Costa Rica that was 100% paid for through her cookie proceeds.  While Miranda was in Costa Rica, she was able to immerse herself in the culture and lifestyle of local Costa Ricans!  Miranda’s time abroad was spent working on a local school where she worked tirelessly from painting to cleaning and everything in between.  She was able to spend time with the kids that attend the school and they taught her a few of their traditional dances and culture.  Aside from doing volunteer work while she was in Costa Rica, she was able to go zip-lining, where she had an entire day of fun!  The one thing she said that was hard to adjust to was the heat and all the bugs, but that was something she was able to adjust to QUICKLY and being a Girl Scout could have had something to do with that!  Miranda said, “One of the main things I learned was that a simple life can still be a happy life.”  The local kids taught her that even though they did not grow up with much, they had each other and that made them as happy as they could be!  Overall, Miranda loved her trip and really enjoyed all of the experiences she was able to have.  Now that’s what we would call ‘Cookies in Action’!