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  • Girl Scouts Promote 2017 Cookie Season on KREM2 Morning News

    Friday, March 24 marked the first day of the 2017 Cookie Booth Sale Season. Girl Scouts from Troops 4317 and 5116 were up with the sun and the cast of KREM2 News to share in the excitement of the most anticipated day of the year. 

    A well-known component of Girl Scouting is the Cookie Program, the largest girl-run business in the world. Once a year, Girl Scouts around the country venture into the entrepreneurial world to learn business and financial skills and earn money to fund their Girl Scouting goals. Through “learning by earning,” Girl Scouting aims to empower girls through the development of five essential skills: goal setting, money management, people skills, decision making, and business ethics.

    When Alexis Davenport, KREM2 Morning Show Coordinator and Traffic Reporter, asked what the Girl Scout Cookie Program has taught her, Kaitlyn responded, “Girl Scouts has taught me many leadership skills that I can definitely use later on in life, and also business skills that I can use to talk to customers and other retail members.”

    Kaitlyn’s right – When girls sell Girl Scout cookies they learn to set goals and meet deadlines. That mean’s your daughter likely won’t tell you last minute that her science fair project is due the following day, rather she’ll be planning ahead. They also learn to talk and listen to all kinds of people, which is a great skill they’ll be sure to utilize in their future career-related endeavors.

    Did you know – overal...

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  • Troop 3325 Helps Supply Vests for K-9 Unit Members Through First Lego League Research Project

    After three years of improving their engineering skills and applying their learned knowledge to solving real-world science and technology challenges, Troop 3325 earned a spot at the Eastern Washington First Lego League (FFL) State Championship. During their “difficult but really fun” experience, Jerzy, Miah, Maddy, Jayda, and Allison not only thoughtfully and systematically built a robot and guided it through task-oriented obstacles, they also worked together as a team to pursue a research project based on a worthy cause. Their project focused on “K-9’s in Action,” which allowed them to channel their whit and drive towards helping working dogs remain safe and successful during their courageous days on the job.

    Though it is important for law enforcement and military K-9 units to be protected from the base of their neck to their waste, similar to humans in the same line of work, many departments don’t have the means to obtain life-saving protective equipment. This unfortunate circumstance has led to thousands of K-9’s nationwide who are in need ballistic vests. Leave it to a Girl Scout troop to step in and find a solution.

    Members of Troop 3325 set their minds on finding a way to provide protective vests for their local police department. They even have future plans to partner with a non-profit agency in Spokane, WA that strategizes with different organizations and individuals to raise funds for these necessary vests. Troop 3325 has hopes of working with the co...

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  • RoboGirls' Hard Work and Dedication Leads Them to Eastern Washington First Lego League State Championship... Again!

    It’s undeniable that all critters are drawn to water to cool down from the heat and stay hydrated. Though you may consider pools and large bodies of water dangerous to their safety, Girl Scout Lego Robotics Team, RoboGirls, opened their eyes to a less obvious - but equally as threatening drowning hazard.

    After spending a lot of time at Camp Four Echoes, the girls became curious about outdoor toilets and how they pose a threat to the well-being of small wildlife such as squirrels. Through research, they were able to establish that both toilets and outdoor buckets were in-fact a leading cause of death for squirrels at our Girl Scout camp property in Worley, Idaho. Girl Scout Property Manager, Lani Nachtsheim commented, “despite having signs on the stall doors that ask guests to please shut the toilet lids so that critters can’t get in, we probably have at least one squirrel drown every couple of weeks.”

    Determined to do something about it, JoeAnna, Liliana, Anna, Jaylie, Kaitlyn, Betty, and Maggie put their heads together and came up with a solution on how to minimize risk and still accommodate the survival instincts of wildlife creatures at Camp Four Echoes. For only about ten cents a toilet, the girls were able to create Squirrel Safety Ladders for each of the camp’s bathrooms. “We discovered that chicken wire was a good solution because it provides a better grip than other materials,” said Maggie.

    RoboGirl’s project completion was one of three compone...

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  • SU 491's Lap Blanket Service Project Warms the Community

    In an effort to spread holiday cheer and community kindness, Service Unit 491 of Ephrata and Moses Lake, Washington 

executed a lap blanket service project. With the help of donated materials and great volunteers, the girls made fleece blankets to donate to area nursing homes and care facilities.

    Older girls, mothers, and grandmothers sewed the blankets’ long edges, while the younger girls tied the ends 

together and experimented with sewing through the guidance of their troop sisters. The project taught girls new skills and share their creativity with others, which made the event extra special. "We were able to cut, tie, and sew cool designs on the blankets," said Courtney, Girl Scout Junior. The combined group effort made it possible for 180 beautiful, soft, cozy and warm blankets to be gifted to those in need. “It made me feel so happy to help people who don’t

have blankets to stay warm,” said Emily, Girl Scout Daisy.

    It has become a longstanding tradition for Service Unit 491 to do something fun and beneficial for their community 

during the holidays. What started out as a day of caroling and festive wrapping of donated toys, turned into making hygiene kits for their local warming shelter, and has now transformed into an effort to 
bring warmth to a deserving group of people in a special and unique way. All the participants agreed that this year's project was extremely rewarding because it allowed them to find a need within their area a...

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  • Introducing GSEWNI's Lil Stacy Scout

    Lil Stacy Scout is a Girl Scout, just like you! She's a Junior with two pony tails and a quirky smile. She loves to wear her sash wherever she goes because she's proud to be a "small but mighty" scout. Lil Stacy has been with the council for a while now, and has had the privilege of traveling all over the council (and sometimes across the country) to share in all kinds of scouting celebrations, community projects, and traditions. 

    Like most creative, courageous, and curious young girls - Lil Stacy loves adventures. She enjoys meeting new Girl Scouts wherever she goes and rarely turns down a new experience. From China Town in New York City to the Space Needle in Seattle, she brings her excitement and gratitude everywhere she goes. Whether she's climbing a tree or sitting princess in a canoe, she is surely having a good time and appreciating all the opportunities that are given to her.

    Lil Stacy's favorite thing about scouting is making new friends; and she's really good at it, too! You can find her at various community events sharing the Girl Scout experience with individuals and families. Not only does she share her sisterhood with girls in-person, she also has a presence on Instagram. Lil Stacy Scout encourages you to follow her and join her where she'll be next!

  • Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout

    When asked what the inspiration behind her decision to choose a particular career path was, Mary Margaret Smith’s response was simple – it was her experience in Girl Scouts. In addition to the joy of shooting and hunting with her father, the leadership opportunities and extraordinary experiences in Girl Scouts led her to becoming a career officer in the Army.

    Mary joined Girl Scouts as a Brownie in first grade. Her troop was very active supporting their community and going on trips. After catching the ‘travel bug’ in sixth grade, the girls decided to plan a 16-day adventure to Mount Rushmore. As Cadettes, they visited Calgary, Alberta and even went camping near Sullivan Lake. In addition to traveling, another fond memory was that of earning her Silver Award.

    The girls’ Silver Award project was the organization and implementation of an annual summer camping outing called “Mom and Me Camp” at Camp Four Echoes. Mary’s love for camping led to her becoming a Program Aide (PA) during Summer Day Camp at Liberty Lake, as well as volunteering to be the Site Director when she was a Senior. With the collaboration of her Girl Scout sisters, the troop put their event planning skills to use when they prepared for their big month-long trip to Europe.

    Just before the girls bridged to adults, Mary and her best friend, Andrea Hoyt, obtained their Gold Awards by designing and building the first cabin in Sherwood Forest at Camp Four Echoes. This project initiated an area-...

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  • Girl Scouts Create Quick Response Code to Keep Columbia River Water-Lovers Safe

    Troop 3512 from Kennewick, WA recently launched a boating safety initiative in collaboration with Washington State Parks, earning them their Girl Scout Silver Award. Their project aimed to address river safety issues on the water, specifically targeting kayakers and paddleboarders. 

    The inspiration behind the project spurred from a real-life experience during a Girl Scout outing. Troop leaders, Erin Lee and Karen Dunlap, took the girls out to the river one day to kayak and paddleboard when a jet ski flew by them, disrupting their stability and compromising their security. Through research, troop members - Jessica, Mia, and Sophia discovered that jet skis and larger watercrafts were regularly producing wakes near designated 'No Wake' areas on the Columbia River, creating an unsafe environment for less maneuverable watercrafts. "We decided we needed to do something about it," said Erin. Springing into action, Troop 3512 devised a way to help alleviate the issue and ensure the safety of all paddlers alike.

    After developing a partnership with the Benton County Sheriff's Office, the girls worked with Deputy JP Benitez to create a Quick Response (QR) code with the notation, "Know the rules of the river. Keep our community safe!" The QR code links to a boater safety page on the Washington State Park's website that educates visitors of local and practical safety guidelines in as...

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  • GSEWNI Chosen for Lowe's Heroes Project

    Lowe's embraces teamwork within the community and strongly believes that if people work together they can build something better. Over ten years ago, they launched a program called "Lowe's Heroes Project," which encourages employees in a location to team together, adopt a volunteer project with a local nonprofit organization, and make a difference.

    Each year, every Lowe's location across the nation and throughout Canada is allocated a portion of money to give back to the communities they live and work in. "Last year every single store completed a Lowe's Project - which was the first year that has happened," said Spencer Shanholtzer, Human Resources Director at Lowe's Companies, Inc.

    This year, the Coeur d'Alene, ID store chose to partner with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. In an effort to improve the experiences and safety of Girl Scouts and camp visitors, nine eager volunteers worked together to rebuild the wood docks at Camp Four Echoes. GSEWNI's Building and Services Manager, Lani Nachtsheim, was impressed by their hard work and dedication throughout the project. "They really powered through the day! We started at 8am, stopped for a quick BBQ lunch, and continued working until the docks were done. The new docks are safer, look better, and will last another twenty years. We are very thankful for their efforts."

    In addition to working with GSEWNI, the Coeur d'Alene Lowe's is also partnering with Bir...

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  • Introducing GSEWNI's 2016 Top Cookie Seller, Mikayla

    Mikayla Butler may seem like your typical 9th grader. She's on the track and cross-country teams at Post Falls High School, plays the piano, and enjoys spending time with her friends. What sets her aside from many girls her age is that she's also a burgeoning businesswoman.

    As a top cookie seller with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, Mikayla sold a whopping 4,860 boxes this year. From just one season of selling cookies, her efforts earned her 2,430 dollars in college scholarships. Between this year and last year, she has earned over 4,500 dollars in scholarship money to put towards her higher education. Through her accomplishments, it's evident when speaking to Mikayla that she is an intelligent and humble young woman who realizes success isn't about money or titles, but about your attitude and the goals you work towards on a daily basis. When asked what her cookie goal is for the 2017 season Mikayla promptly responded, "My academics come first. So as much as I would like to set a higher goal, I plan to do my best and hope to come close to the amount I sold this year."

    Her mother, Jennifer, is proud as can be of her 14 year-old Girl Scout go-getter. "Mikayla continues to amaze me!" she said. "When she's selling at the local stores, she asks every customer as they exit the building. She does it in such a way that the customer feels good, even if their answer is 'no.' In fact, many people have returned from the park...

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  • Military Women Visit Girl Scout Day Camp

    Troop to Troop is a community service effort that brings a sweet taste of home to military men and women deployed both oversees and stateside. It's a project we, at Girl Scouts, value and take pleasure in. On Thursday, August 4, we had the honor in welcoming Chloe Fiore and Jenny Escobedo Perez from Fairchild Air Force Base to our Spokane Program Center. They spent their time speaking to and answering questions from our day campers. Then, with the assistance of our Girl Scouts, they packed their truck full of cookies to bring back to their troops.

    Not only were we thrilled to have two female role models at our facility, who demonstrate courage, confidence, and character - we were especially proud to have a Girl Scout alumna represent our United States Air Force and bring her knowledge, experiences, memories, and successes back to our local scouts. Chloe currently works with Air Force survival instructors and support staff, ensuring their paperwork is in place so they can complete their mission. She also assists with awards, finance, promotion testing, the commander's requests, and any other tasks that need to be completed to ensure a smooth ride for her fellow unit members.

    Chloe began Girl Scouting when she was seven years old. She bridged from a Brownie to a Junior in Virginia and later moved to England with her family. All throughout her journey she learned valuable life lessons that she will cherish forever. For instance, she learned how to work well with...

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  • Australian Girl Guides Spend Time With Troop 3032

    For over 100 years, around 250 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have been changing lives and building a better world through community action, advocacy, and service to others. Though girls all over the globe are working hard to change the leadership landscape on a daily basis, it's not an every day occurrence that a group of Girl Scouts gets the opportunity to get together in-person with Girl Guides to exchange their ideas and familiarities.

    Tara and Juanita Kirk, Girl Guides from Brisbane, Australia sought to strengthen their guiding and scouting experience in a unique and personal way. Last June, they had plans to travel to the United States to visit their grandfather in Post Falls, Idaho. Eager to make the most out of their trip, they arranged for a meet-and-greet with sister scouts in this region of the country. With the help of their leader they contacted the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to ask for assistance in connecting with a local Girl Scout troop,

    As soon as Coeur d'Alene Troop 3032 heard about the opportunity to host the Kirk family, they began planning for the rare occasion. The girls' excitement grew as they practiced and perfected their songs and games. Knowing how lucky they were to unite with likeminded youth from accords the globe, they wanted everything to go off without a hitch.

    When the highly anticipated day arrived, it proved to be nothing short of a magical event. The group kicked off the evening by perfor...

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  • Celebrating a Special Story of Sisterhood

    August 7, 2016 is National Sister's Day, an annual holiday celebrated on the first Sunday in August recognizing the bond shared between sisters. Today we're taking a moment to reflect on a powerful bond between sisters through the perspective of one of our very own Girl Scout alumna, Courtney Grant. On June 18, 2016 she shared the best day of her life - the marriage between her and her new husband - with her Girl Scout sisters by her side.

    Amanda, Shay, Savannah, and Courtney became friends over ten years ago when their troops merged. They also grew close with a fellow scout, Jenna, who was a part of a different troop in the same area. The girls' friendship has grown strong ever since through a numerous amount of memorable experiences, including volunteering, traveling, and attending school together. Courtney met her last bridesmaid, Fawn, at school when they had been assigned to the same group in their humanities class. Fawn recently joined the Girl Scout family and is currently working at Camp Four Echoes helping lead program activities for our summer resident campers. "When my boyfriend proposed to me it only made sense to have my Girl Scout sisters be my bridesmaids," said Courtney. "From Camp Wooten, to the Mall of America, through my Gold Award project, to New York City, back to Portland, off to college, and finally, down the aisle - I've been blessed to have the same lovely ladies by my side."

    Courtney attributes the growth and succ...

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  • Troop 3674 Builds Greenhouse for Local Elementary School

    Spokane Valley Troop 3674 wanted to do something that would teach, inspire, and benefit society for their Bronze Award project. After the girls researched different options for improving their community they came up with the idea to build a greenhouse at a local elementary school, which would serve to provide healthy food and be a hands-on learning tool for children at the school.

    With the help of local organizations, the girls were able to make their vision a reality. Veradale United Church of Christ, near Progress Elementary School, offered a strip of land to build on. In addition, Spokane Valley Lowe's Home Improvement selected the group as their 2016 Lowe's Local Heroes. Due to the fact that Lowe's strongly believes in working together to build something better, they happily provided Troop 3674 with 2,500 dollars worth of necessary gardening materials, along with their helping hands. For three full days, Girl Scouts and adult volunteers put their plans into action by constructing two greenhouses, a workspace in between them, and a raised bed for pumpkins.

    Like a Girl Scout, members of Troop 3674 decided they're always able to reach further, work harder, and do more. They have recently tossed around the idea of making their greenhouse project a catalyst for earning their Silver Award. Now that they have the foundation built, they are considering developing an educational curriculum to complement their greenhouses. They may even make a cookbook. Aft...

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  • Troop 2472 Crosses the Bridge to Girl Scout Adults

    Bridging from one level to the next is an important transition in the life of a Girl Scout, as it represents a girl being aware of her achievements and ready for new adventures, challenges, and responsibilities. For that, it is especially rewarding when a girl bridges to an Adult, which is what Troop 2472 is being recognized for. As graduating Girl Scout Ambassadors, Erin, Selena, Josie, Kayla, Kira, JoJo, Monica, and Desirae will embrace what they've learned in Girl Scouting, honor how it will forever be a part of who they are, and step into the world as young women of courage, confidence, and character.

    Troop 2472 joins nearly one million Girl Scouts - across the country and around the world - who volunteer their time and inspire young girls to become leaders. They are linked to an outstanding 10 million global sisters through the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and 59 million Girl Scout alumnae. Though their worldwide sisterhood is sure to add richness and fun to their lives, their individual journeys began long before now. In fact, three of the young women have been scouting together since Kindergarten. The girls have had many successes throughout the years, including earning enough money to fully fund the trip of a lifetime (Click here to read more).<...

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  • Troop 5300 Has Gone Healthy By Earning Their Strong Girl Healthy Meeting Patch

    Daisy/Brownie Troop 5300 from Kennewick, WA has gone healthy! By combining their Healthy Meeting Badge tasks and other badge activities they were working on, they were able to make it even more fun and informative.

    Troop 5300 successfully repurposed their Outdoor Adventurer Badge activities by using camp equipment as batons in relay races. The girls also learned about recycling as they ran relays with the recyclable materials. Lily Parkes and Isabella Irvin especially loved the relay races. In addition, the troop was able to incorporate sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks while working on their Financial Literacy Badge activities.

    Willow Feather really enjoyed jumping rope while the girls worked on their 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals activities. As suggested by 5 Flowers, they dug out the jump ropes and had a blast! Avery Carter certainly enjoyed it, saying "I like exercising through jumping rope and trying new things, like berries!"

    Another task the girls needed to complete was to taste test three fruits and vegetables. Troop Leader Shellie Feather said, "we tried three new fruits and three new vegetables. I tried to keep some at least similar to other foods and one that was really out there. For our vegetables, we had green, orange, and purple cauliflower, purple and yellow carrots, and jicama. For our fruits we had pomegranate seeds, kumquats, and papaya." All of the girls took a special liking to pomegranate seeds....

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  • Girl Scouting Through the Eyes of Marguerite

    Marguerite Sunn Thoreson Browne became a Girl Scout in Long Beach, California four weeks after her 7th birthday in 1937. Little did Marguerite know, a long and exciting journey was about to begin. 

    One of the highlights of Marguerite's early scouting days was being a part of her local Mariner troop. The troop took care of a beautiful sailboat when its owner left to fight in World War II. While keeping great care of the boat, they also learned a lot about sailing during weekly trips on the water.

    After high school, Marguerite attended the University of California, Berkeley, where she majored in social work. Missing the Girl Scout life, she began volunteering at the local council. Marguerite led troops, organized parent responsibilities, recruited new leaders and participated in the training processes. Through recognition of her talent and work ethic, she was later offered a job as a staff member of Girl Scouts of Northern California council.

    During the mid 1950's, Marguerite and her family moved to New Orleans, where her husband had been stationed in the Coast Guard. Marguerite was soon introduced to a different way of life that included segregation. Segregation was the law of the land and it greatly affected how Girl Scouting was done. Marguerite was put in charge of training a group of ladies for leading summer day camps and thought nothing of it when she arranged for the participants to meet at a local park. The training was going great until tw...

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  • Troop 3530 Giving a Year of Service to Support Their Community

    Cadette Troop 3530 from Richland, WA is committing to a Year of Service for 2016. Based on their individual interests, each of the seven Girl Scouts have planned an activity that revolves around giving back to the community. "The idea came as we were discussing what we wanted to accomplish during the year," said troop leader, Trina Huntington. "The girls decided it was time for them to give back."

    In addition to creating and executing specialized volunteer-based projects, the girls have also designed a special patch with rockers. The patch reads KIDS, meaning Kids in Direct Service. Anyone who participates in their events receives a patch in exchange for their efforts. 

    To date, Troop 3530 has led the Lenten Soup Supper at their church, created centerpieces for the 2016 Annual Meeting, served as cooks and Program Aides during the Girl Scouts Wacky Sports Camp at Camp Wooten, and filled and distributed Easter eggs for the Knights of Columbus egg hunt. Future activities include aiding 2nd Harvest in their mission to help fight hunger, a day of planting with a group of Daisy Girl Scouts, and caroling with cookies at the local senior center. In addition to their projects, the girls will continue to embark on various volunteer efforts throughout the year including the annual tradition of serving with the Time of Remembrance Veteran program.

    Two of the girls, Alyssa and Anna, have decided to serve beyond...

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  • Dylan Stiegemeier Creates Program, The Theodores, to Promote Conservation

    Dylan Stiegemeier, an avid outdoorsman, wanted to create a movement to preserve land through the elimination of litter. "I wanted to create a group that would beckon to like-minded people as myself," said Stiegemeier. The motivated group known as "The Theodores" has around 200 social media followers and growing. While discussing how the name of the program came about Stiegemeier mentioned, "While at a museum, I was reading about the Big Burn and became more familiar with Theodore Roosevelt's conservation efforts in America. Everyone loves Teddy. I share the same values with him, so I figured who better to represent my program?" 

    The Theodores is a program based off of community outreach through conservation efforts in local outdoor regions. Stiegemeier explained the process as beginning with an individual, group, or in this case a Girl Scout troop. "After they purchase a Theodore flag for five dollars," he said, "they would go on a hike or experience any outdoor activity, bring the flag with them, clean up trash, post the Theodore flag in the region, take a photo of the cleaned outdoor area, and post it to Facebook. They would also 'tag' The Theodores and GSEWNI in their post." The overall goal is to get every state, and eventually every country, to participate in the Theodores movement. Through this effort, we will have a cleaner world and a safer environment for years to come.

    While working on his Docto...

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  • Science and Girl Scouts Come Together at Gonzaga University

    On Saturday, April 9, the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the science labs were steaming for Gonzaga Science Day! A total of 38 girls in kindergarten through fifth grade in eastern Washington and northern Idaho came to Gonzaga University campus for a day of science fun. Activities included water filtering, egg dropping, and strawberry DNA extractions.

    Lacey Bolin, Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho's STEM and Day Camp Coordinator, had a great time partaking in a vast array of science experiments with the participants. "The girls got to work with active Gonzaga students and had some great role models in the Gonzaga University's Society of Women Engineers," said Bolin. This partnership proved to be beneficial in allowing Girl Scouts to spend time on a college campus, work with college students, and discover just how fun science can be!

    Click here to view more pictures from Gonzaga Science Day.

  • Girl Scout Leader, Monica Preciado, Goes Above and Beyond in Rwanda

    Monica Preciado, a Surgical Technologist for Kootenai Health's Heart Team, has shown what it means to be a Girl Scout in her life's work. Preciado relocated to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho in June of 2007. In addition to her career at the medical center, she is also a proud Leader of Cadette Troop 3041 and Manager of Service Unit 443.

    Recently, Preciado went on her second medical mission trip to Kigali, Rwanda with Healing Hearts Northwest, based out of Spokane, Washington. Historically, Rwanda suffered greatly from the genocide of 1994 and is still in the rebuilding process. They have no cardiac surgeons and suffer from a very high rate of Rheumatic Fever, which leads to Rheumatic Heart Disease. The team spent two weeks in Rwanda performing heart surgery at no cost. Without help, most patients are extremely ill and unable to work or attend school because their heart cannot function properly.

    Beyond saving lives in Rwanda, Preciado's team collected items for patients in the unit, orphans and Girl Guides. Preciado and her daughter, Adrianna, made contact with Rwanda Girl Guides while there. Preciado and Adrianna have hopes to set up a Pen Pal program between the two organizations so they can help support them in their efforts to reach out to the girls of Rwanda. Not all girls in Rwanda are able to attend school and lack support for education because of poverty. Rwanda Girl Guides Association is helping them to see that they are capable of anything and that they have a...

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  • Girl Scouts Promote 2016 Cookie Season on KREM2 Morning News

    Friday, March 25 marked the first day of the 2016 Cookie Booth Sale Season. Girl Scouts from Troops 2102 and 5161 were up with the sun and the cast of KREM2 News to share in the excitement of the most anticipated day of the year. 

    When a KREM2 Reporter inquired about the trip the girls were planning, Girl Scout Cadette, Lainy McCabe, quickly responded, "we're going to the Seattle Zoo!" Troop 2102 is working hard to meet their cookie goals so they can use the funds to cover the traveling and lodging expenses for their trip to the west side of the state. Lainy is especially anxious to learn about the interesting animals exhibited at the Woodland Park Zoo. Her favorite animal is a Panda. Though the Woodland Park Zoo doesn't have the well-known giant Pandas that are native to central China, they do home Red Pandas, also known as the "firefox," which are native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

    If you or your troop has special plans for your Cookie Sale proceeds, we would love to hear about them. Share your goals and stories with us on our GSEWNI Facebook page

    Looking for cookies? Utilize our Cookie Booth Locator! Sales continue until April 17, 2016.

  • Miss Idaho USA Volunteers with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho

    Sydney Halper, also known as Miss Idaho USA, has made it her mission to be a positive role model and inspiration to our nation's youth. "What better way to accomplish my desire to give back than to work with a non-profit organization, like Girl Scouts?" questioned Sydney. She is excited to start volunteering with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho in the coming weeks.

    We, too, are excited to have a Girl Scout Alumni return to our organization to help girls grow to be strong, confident leaders. Sydney is proud to have been a Brownie during her childhood and distinctly remembers how much she looked up to and respected each member of her troop. She pleasantly recalls the hard work, dedication and enjoyment that went in to earning each badge. Now, she is ready to become the leader like the one she so fondly looked up to during her youth.

    "Being a Girl Scout allowed me to grow up with a broad range of skills. I learned how to interact with other kids at a young age, how to utilize the resources around me and to work hard for what I want in life." She continued, "these skills have helped me reach my goals today, such as becomingMiss Idaho USA and graduating from the University of Idaho."

    Halper describes herself as a driven individual and attributes her determination to the experiences she gained in Girl Scouts. "I want girls to be able to talk with me, dream with me and grow up to be positive role models...

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  • Bilingual Volunteer Makes a Difference by Assisting in Communication with Spanish-Speaking Community

    Jennifer Balderas has been volunteering with Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho for nearly six years. In addition to being a Troop Leader and Service Unit Sales Manager for Kennewick, Washington, she also lends her talents and giving-heart to help break down the language barriers that can hinder Spanish-speaking families in our local communities from enrolling their girls in Girl Scouts. On December 4, 2015 Balderas represented GSEWNI as a collaborating partner in the seventh annual Viernes Gigante Latino family resource event that aims to increase awareness and utilization of community resources. "I think it's a wonderful event and a great opportunity for parents to be informed of the resources available for their children," said Balderas.

    Aside from lending her time to assist in communication with Spanish-speaking families, Balderas has also inspired and supported her troop members to give back on a continual basis. "I am a firm believer in community service," she remarked. Troop 3519 has volunteered with Meals on Wheels for three consecutive years during Thanksgiving break. Moreover, after tornadoes caused massive destruction in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 2011, Balderas and her girls held a yard sale and donated the proceeds to Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama. &q...

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  • RoboGirls Advance to Eastern Washington First Lego League State Championship

    Over the span of two weeks, six teams from Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho participated in various First Lego League (FLL) tournaments across our region. Each team performed exceptionally well and made our Girl Scout community proud! Among the many successes, Tri-Cities team MAJeSTy received a Judges Award and team Medical Lake received a Project Presentation Award.

    RoboGirls from Troops 4317 and 4303 are being recognized for their qualification of advancement to the State Championship tournament. JoeAnna, Liliana, Anna, Jaylie, Betty and Maggie make up one of 30 teams who will be competing at the Eastern Washington FLL Championship tournament on January 16, which will take place at Eastern Washington University campus in Cheney.

    This victory has been no simple challenge; it is one due to the dedication, diligence and a lot of hard work. RoboGirls put in countless hours preparing for their qualifying tournament. Since September of 2015, they have been meeting at least twice a week to design 'RIA,' their lego robot. In addition to designing and programming, the team has also prepared an extensive research project that identified an issue as it related to this year's theme - trash. The girls were required to establish a solution to that particular problem and present it to an audience who could benefit it. RoboGirls focused on the negative impact that plastic trash bags have on the environment, identified a more eco-friendly solution and...

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  • Former Delegate Shares Her Perspective as Excitement Builds for the 2016 Annual Meeting

    In nearly four and a half months, GSEWNI's staff, Board members, volunteers and girl members will have the opportunity to gather together as Girl Scouts as we share news, make decisions, celebrate successes, learn from each other and create connections that help us change the world. This unique, yearly gathering is known as our Annual Meeting and this upcoming year it will be held at the Kiwanis building in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday, April 16.

    One of the main purposes of the Annual Meeting is to honor the voice of our membership, which is a guiding principle of Girl Scouts. Council delegates hold an especially important role in this process, having the opportunity to identify and make known issues affecting girls and adult volunteers. A longstanding volunteer and Girl Scout alumna, Dianne MacDuff, always looks forward to our council's Annual Meeting. From the perspective of former delegate Dianne acknowledges, "This meeting is our chance to be involved with the business of the council, interacting with the Board members and sometimes revising council policies."

    Not only do delegates serve as the primary communication link between Girl Scout members, community networks and GSEWNI Board members, they are also provided the invaluable opportunity to influence policy and experience policy-making. Anyone who is a registered member 14 years and older has the opportunity to be an elected representative of GSEWNI, which allows for the gaining of new...

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  • Local Girl Scouts take Europe by Storm

    Nine Girl Scouts from Troop 2472, based out of Spokane Valley, had been planning a big trip since they were in kindergarten. They spent the last two and a half years earning money to cover the expenses of traveling abroad. The troop ended up securing over $40,000, which was enough to fully fund their trip. Some of their money-earning activities included garage sales, the making and selling of Christmas wreaths and, of course, participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. During the summer of 2015, all the girls' hard work paid off and they were able to travel to Europe.

    The trip started out with the making of new friendships and the creating of Girl Scout sisterhood bonds. Through EF Tours, Troop 2472 was able to travel with another troop from Kansas (photo attached). During 11 days they were able to tour Ireland, Wales, London, England and Paris. Some of their highlights included participating in city tours, watching 'Wicked' in the Theatre district, traveling the subway system, witnessing the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, visiting the Eiffel Tower, cruising by boat on the Seine River, touring Notre Dame, and even getting the opportunity to see the one-and-only Mona Lisa firsthand. Upon reflection of their many adventures the girls concluded that Ireland was their favorite, due to its beauty and character. 

    In addition to unique experiences, the girls also gained an appreciation for other cultures, foods and lifestyles. Each...

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