What's Cooking at Camp?

Accommodating Allergies and Special Diets

Our camp kitchen can accommodate several different kinds of special diets, including most food allergies. As with any kind of special need your camper might have, communication is the key! Please note any allergies or special dietary needs on your child’s health form. If your camper’s allergy is severe, or she has a limited diet, please contact the Camp Director a minimum of one week prior to arriving at camp. We want your camper to be safe, healthy and satisfied…and to enjoy meals with her camp friends.

Contacting us early can help us make her experience a positive one. If you would like to supplement our menu with food products for your camper’s needs, please contact us to discuss transporting and storing your food.

  • Vegetarian (no meat of any kind, including fish). We offer a vegetarian alternative any time meat is served. We are careful to include enough protein, fruits and vegetables to keep our busy campers on the go!
  • Vegan (no animal products of any kind). We can offer your camper vegan alternatives with at least a week’s notice. If your camper prefers a vegan diet and will be going on a trip, please let us know several weeks before she arrives in case we need to order specialty foods.
  • Lactose Intolerant. Soy milk will always be available whenever milk is served. Non-dairy alternatives (such as pizza with no cheese, or popsicles instead of ice cream) can be provided. You are welcome to send dairyfree desserts or other non-dairy “milk” products.
  • Wheat, egg, soy allergies. If your camper has one of these allergies (or one not listed), we might need your help in finding foods that most closely match our menu or suitable alternate foods.
  • Nut allergy. Please contact the Camp Director as soon as you register your daughter for camp. Although we do serve nut products at camp, we can take many precautions to keep your camper safe during her time at camp.

You are our first source for information about your camper’s diet or allergy. Please feel free to offer lists, recipes, menu suggestions, etc. We love it when parents write things down for us! We won’t think you are over-protective or “The Weird Parent” when you arrive with all kinds of information about your camper’s needs. We’ll be celebrating the partnership we’ve created together that will help us all give your camper a fun and successful experience at camp.