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At Camp Four Echoes, girls may stay in cabins, chalets, teepees, gazebos or tree houses! Each shelter houses 3-6 girls, depending on the structure. According to guidelines set by Girl Scouts of the USA, camp staff do not sleep in the same cabins as the campers. Staff are aiding the girls in becoming more self sufficient and confident in themselves and their surroundings. They are also allowing the girls to bond together and enjoy the late-night talks and giggling that we all remember from our childhood. Rest assured though, each unit has multiple staff sleeping on site. Your campers are never far from the eyes and ears of staff. MORE INFO


Mail is sent and delivered daily at camp, but we cannot guarantee that the mail you send will arrive on time. To ensure that your camper has mail while she’s at camp, you can either mail letters to camp prior to arrival or pre-write several letters and bring them to check in. There will be a box available for depositing in-coming mail. Cheerful, upbeat letters add extra fun to the adventure of going to camp...and they are great keepsakes for the coming years! Address as follows:

Camp Four Echoes
[Camper’s Name]
[Session Name]
1404 N. Ash Street
Spokane, WA 99201

Opening/Closing Days

Those driving their girls to camp are welcome to tour their camper’s unit, meet her counselors, shop at the Trading Post (Camp Store) and walk their camper through the check-in and checkout process, including health checks with the Camp Health Supervisor and meeting the Head Cook. Feel free to bring a camera or camcorder and take advantage of a “Kodak Moment” next to the lake! Arrival and departure times will be staggered to accommodate our limited parking. Please do your best to arrive on time to help us ensure a smooth check-in and check-out. Parking close to main camp is limited and will be reserved for those with mobility challenges, so please plan to park your car and walk around camp and to the units. We will transport luggage to and from the front gate after the buses have arrived.

On closing days, camp staff will greet you at the gate. Please remember that we cannot open the gate until all the campers have finished their programs and everything is put away and all the staff are in place. If your camper’s luggage has been dropped off at the gate, you are welcome to put it in your car. Campers often have creative packing techniques, so make sure you check with your camper before leaving to make sure you have all her belongings! Staff will give directions about where to park and pick up your camper. Ensure you have your picture ID before you walk down the hill!

If campers of driving age bring a personal vehicle to camp, it must be pre-approved by the Camp Director and the camper must follow rules for vehicle use.

Campers arriving by bus will be greeted at the meeting spot by the bus chaperone. The bus may be making other stops and will need to leave on time, so please do your best to be on time. If you will be late, please call the camp cell phone. The chaperone will check in the camper, make sure all her paperwork is ready and that her luggage gets on the bus. Remember the camcorder or camera! Health Checks will be conducted by the Health Supervisor at camp.

When the bus returns to the meeting spot at the end of the session, campers will need to stay on the bus until the identification of the adult picking up the camper has been checked by the chaperone. They are then free to collect their luggage and head home.

Camp Health Histories / Physical Exams

We want to make sure each camper is healthy enough to safely participate in camp activities. Toward that end, each girl attending camp must have a current health history and physical exam. This 2 page form can be found under forms in the camp section of this website. The Health History must be filled out and signed each year by her parent/guardian. This lets us know if anything has changed with your camper from year to year. The Physical Exam must be done by a physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner and must be dated within the preceding 24 months. If your child had a physical and attended camp last year, notify us that you would like us to use that form for this year. It’s important that you check the date of the physical. If a girl attended camp in June 2010 and attends camp again in July 2013, her physical form is probably out of date.

We understand that the cost of having a physical exam for camp can be prohibitive for some families. Here are some ideas to help make physicals more affordable for our camp families:

  • Ask the doctor to fill out the camp form during a sports physical. In some cases, camp can accept a sports physical form in lieu of the camp form. Call the Camp Director first.
  • Contact your local school to ask for suggestions for free or less expensive sports physicals.
  • Local Health Departments or clinics sometimes offer free or inexpensive well-child visits.

Cabin mates & Buddies

What is the difference between a buddy and a cabin mate?
Cabin mates are girls that have come to camp together that would like to stay in the same cabin. In order for girls to be cabin mates, they must:

  • Attend camp the same week/same program. For example, they might attend Let Freedom Ring, Grades 2-3 together.
  • Both girls must be eligible for the same program (age requirements, etc)
  • Girls should list each other’s name under “Cabin Mate” on the registration form. For example, Susie should list Ashley and Ashley should list Susie.
  • Sisters may also be Cabin mates.

Buddies are girls that come to camp together when one girl is a returning camper and the other camper is new to Camp Four Echoes (link to Discounts description). Please see information on DISCOUNTS to learn details about this discount.

  • Buddies do not have to attend camp at the same week or same program
  • Girls should list each other under “Buddies” on the registration form.
  • Sisters may also be Buddies

Fun Facts about Camp Four Echoes

  • Camp Four Echoes was founded in 1938, with the original 127.2 acres purchased by the Lion’s Club for $250.
  • There are six living units and they all start with the letter "S": Sky Meadow, Singing Pines, Sherwood Forest, Swagman, Sequoia and Smugglers Cove.
  • An overnight camping spot above Sky Meadow was restored and, in keeping with the "S" names, it was called Sandy’s Glen, after a beloved camp dog.
  • For a long time, Sequoia was the only unit with permanent structures for sleeping; everyone else had platform tents. In 1996, the first "prototype" cabin went up in Singing Pines; the rest of the cabins were built in 1997. Now we have teepees, cabins, chalets, gazebos and tree houses!
  • The first telephone came to camp in 1951.
  • The camp equipment room was originally a shower house and was built in 1954. The new shower house in main camp was built in 1996 and the old concrete building started a new life as the Trading Post (camp store). In 2011, the building was dedicated to just storing equipment and the new Trading Post moved to its current location in the lodge.
  • In the 60’s and 70’s, Language Units were very popular, with girls coming from all over the country to learn Spanish and Japanese from counselors.
  • The name Camp Four Echoes: At the Amphitheater you can stand and holler over the water and, the story is, you will hear four distinct echoes.