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Spokane Forum, staff member and Mindy Thorp discuss Girl Scouting with host Teresa Lukins. October 27, 2013

Women’s Weekend 2013 on KXLY Good Morning Northwest featuring Lydia Duffy, events specialist-GSEWNI-Aug. 16, 2013

Camp 4 Echoes 75th Anniversary Celebration (Dream Patterns)

Business Talks: Staff member with Kent Adams and Tom MacArthur [00:03:15] | Podcast | 4.5.2013

KHQ News Break| Kelly Thompson | Cookie Booth Sales Begin [00:2:55] | TV Interview | 3.25.2013

Clear Channel | Staff members and Kelly Thompson talk about cookies, camp and Girl Scouts [00:30:00] | Radio Interview | 3.10.2013

Cookie Sale! | KICR in Sandpoint [09:50] | Radio Interview | 2.8.2013
Kelly Thompson LISTEN

Pam Lund, CEO on Spokane Public Schools Community Connections | TV Interview | 12.13.2012 WATCH

Girl Scout Camp fun! KXLY AM 920 [50:15] | Radio Interview | 6.26.2012 Sarah Wallace & Marcy Mastel LISTEN

KUJ AM | Radio Interview | 3.22.2012
Pam Lund & staff member LISTEN

KAPP TV Interview | 10.28.2011
Sulema Pacheco-Granfield w/ LaNae Monroe: WATCH

KXLY | Radio Interview | 10.7.2011

PSA 1 | Why I love being a Girl Scout, Helping people in my community :30 LISTEN

PSA 2 | Why I love being a Girl Scout, Pacific Science Center :30 LISTEN

PSA 3 | Why I love being a Girl Scout, Cookies, Camp & Parades :30 LISTEN

PSA | Girl Scout Centennial :15 LISTEN

Camp Four Echoes Commercial | 2012 WATCH

Nostalgia Magazine | Call Across the Bay and You Will Hear Four Echoes Returning | May–June 2013 Issue
Mention the word Camp to a Girl Scout and it conjures up images of fun, friends, activities and some of the most memorable times girls have in thier Girl Scouting journey. MORE

Yakima Herald | Time to Rally the Troops | 1.24.2013
I got the most exciting email ever today. It was from the Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, announcing that Feb. 8 is National Girl Scout Cookie Day....MORE

Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living Magazine | What I Know by Pam Lund | December 2012 Issue
Motto for life. Always be optimistic. Visit reality often. And put them both into perspective by trusting your intuition, experience, close friends, advisors, personal family values, spiritual beliefs and plain old common sense. Know what you do best by”...MORE

Spokesman Review | Storms leave residents reeling | 7.24.2012
Friday’s powerful thunderstorms packed hurricane-force winds that snapped and uprooted hundreds – perhaps thousands – of trees and toppled power poles across North Idaho and northeast Washington... people from rural Ferry County showed up with chain saws to remove downed trees from roads as he tried to make his way over Sherman Pass Friday...“Trees were down everywhere,” he said. “A group of Girl Scouts headed to camp even chipped in to help where I was pulling debris off the highway.”...MORE

Idaho County Free Press | Remember the Drain | 6.28.2012
GRANGEVILLE - Eleven kids with Girl Scout Troop 3702, Cub Scout Pack 555 and local 4-H spread across town last Saturday morning, June 16, affixing 100 four-inch diameter plastic disks stating "dump no waste, drains to stream" to curbs at stormwater inlets... MORE

Bonner Daily Bee | Celebrating 100 Years | 3.13.2012
SANDPOINT - Girl Scouts of America may have turned 100 years old on Monday, but the organization is still as timeless as ever.

That was clear when 40 local Girl Scout members gathered at City Hall to ... MORE

Columbia Basin Herald | Robo Girls | 1.31.2012
MOSES LAKE - Carol Hohn is enthusiastic about the 10-member RoboGirls team. "I think there is something I can think of for each of the kids where they did something fabulous," said Hohn, coach and a Girl Scout troop leader. "I love the fact... MORE | Gold Award | 1.29.2011
Girl Scouts Courtney Ramsey and Sadie Perry were recently awarded the Gold Award, the highest honor given by the Girl Scout organization... MORE

Tri-City Herald Online | Cookies! | 2.17.2011
Already the doorbell-ringing has started, and when you open the door, there is a young girl or two offering one of America's best deals... MORE

1 Cookie Program 2014 | Presale Radio-Essential Skills

2 Cookie Program 2014 | Presale Radio-Working together

3 Cookie Program 2014 | Presale Radio-Ask me questions-I’m ready!

4 Cookie Program 2014 | Presale Radio-Life experiences = Successful leaders

5 Cookie Program 2014 | Presale Radio-They’re coming! They’re Coming!

Women’s Weekend [00:00:60] | Radio Spot | 2013

Alumni [00:00:30] | Radio Spot | 2013

Join Now #1-2013 [00:00:30] | Radio Spot | 2013

Join Now #2 [00:00:30] | Radio Spot | 2013

Volunteer [00:00:30] | Radio Spot | 2013

Camp Four Echoes 75th Anniversary Celebration [00:00:30] | Radio PSA | 5.31.2013

Girls in Walla Walla Need You! (Volunteer Information Social—April 2013) [00:00:28] | Audio PSA: mp3 | 4.24.2013

Camp Four Echoes - All the Camp Stuff [00:00:30] | PSA | 4.11.2013

Camp Four Echoes - Epic Summer Fun [00:00:30] | PSA | 4.11.2013

Camp Four Echoes - Nothing but Girl Fun [00:00:30] | PSA | 4.11.2013

Expanding Your Horizons - Lewiston [00:00:30] | PSA | 4.5.2013

Women's Weekend 2013 [00:00:60] | PSA | 4.5.2013

Cookies 2013: "Sweet" | Audio PSA: mp3 | 3.21.2013

Cookies 2013: "Smartest Cookie In The Jar" | Audio PSA: mp3 | 3.21.2013

Cookies 2013: "Science and Technology" | Audio PSA: mp3 | 3.21.2013

Cookies 2013: "How To Be A Good Cookie Buyer" | Audio PSA: mp3 | 3.21.2013

Cookies 2013: "Girl Business" | Audio PSA: mp3 | 3.21.2013

What are YOU Waiting For? (Video)

I'm Ready for Adventure (Video)

I'm a Girl Scout Alum! (Video)

Do it (Volunteer) for the Girls! (Video)

Comcast Newsmakers (Video Interview)

Invest Northwest | 8.19.2012 (Video Interview)

PSA 1 | Why I love being a Girl Scout, Helping people in my community 00:00:30

PSA 2 | Why I love being a Girl Scout, Pacific Science Center 00:00:30

PSA 3 | Why I love being a Girl Scout, Cookies, Camp & Parades :30

PSA | Girl Scout Centennial :15


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